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National Parks Service Buy A Pass

Whether you’re longing to explore the Grand Canyon, hike the Appalachians or visit the battleground at Gettysburg, there’s no better way to experience the US National Park System than in an RV. The freedom, convenience and comfort offered by recreational vehicles are a natural choice for savvy Park visitors. At El Monte RV, we’re dedicated to helping make that experience truly memorable.

To make your journey even more enjoyable, the National Park Service offers a one-year pass that gives you access to all US National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands. There’s even a discounted pass for Senior Citizens! What an amazing opportunity—a whole country to explore, and at bargain prices! Here’s the link to learn more about National Park Service Passes.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the NPS Pass offer, and to help you start planning your trip, we’ve put together a quick list by region of some of the more famous National Parks:

Eastern United States

We can’t mention the Eastern Seaboard without encouraging you to visit Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network. The historical and recreational opportunities offered by the enormous Chesapeake Bay estuary will have you returning again and again. Travelling this region in a motor home will ensure an up-close and personal experience!

Another East Coast National Park Service area, The National Mall, is located in Washington, D.C., and includes some of the most famous historical monuments in the country. The magnificent World War II Memorial, the breath-taking Washington Monument and the beloved Lincoln Memorial are only three of the historical sites you’ll find along the National Mall. When traveling to the U.S. capitol in your rental RV, don’t miss the history and beauty of this national treasure.

These are just two of the spectacular opportunities waiting for you and your family in the Eastern US. As you start planning your vacation in your rented motor home, why not visit these links for more information about National Park Service offerings? And don’t forget to call us when you’re ready to book your RV!



Rhode Island



South Carolina





New Hampshire



New Jersey


New York


North Carolina





Central United States

Did you know the stunning shores of Lake Superior hold the key to the vital role the Ojibwe Tribe played in Minnesota’s history? Motoring to Grand Portage National Monument in the comfort of an RV, you’ll be amazed by both the beauty and historical significance of the North Central United States. The fascinating interaction between the Ojibwe people and early French and English traders will interest the most jaded traveler, so be sure to put this site on your itinerary!

As you continue your journey through the heart of America, don’t miss Arkansas’ natural spa experience at Hot Springs National Park. In a lovely Victorian setting, learn both the history, and soothing secrets, of this world-famous retreat!

Vast native prairies, sparkling lakes and mysterious canyons all await your imagination once you decide to explore the nation’s midsection. Contact us about convenient locations for RV rentals, and be sure to ask us your toughest travel questions!
Here’s a list of helpful links to National Park Service sites in the Central United States:



South Dakota








North Dakota



Western United States

Imagine the peace and serenity you’ll feel sipping that first cup of coffee in your mountain campsite. Not up to ‘rough-and-ready’ camping? No problem! We’ll help you with just the right RV rental, and equip you to explore the grandeur of the Western United States.

As you travel this region, take time to visit mountain lakes like those in Montana’s Glacier National Park and Utah’s Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. If the Grand Canyon isn’t one of your travel memories, what better way to make the drive than in an RV?

And who could travel the West without experiencing the grandeur of California’s Sequoia National Park? Ancient forests, heart-stopping mountain sunsets, glorious desert vistas. The natural diversity of the American West is as famous as the cowboys who once roamed it.

And the West is still wild, if you’re willing to drive off crowded highways and find it. Let El Monte RV arrange the perfect motor home rental and set you on your road to a Western adventure.

Here are links to National Parks Service locations in the Western states:











New Mexico



It’s Out There Waiting For You…

There’s no better place to see the very best of the USA than in our National Parks. Why not let a motorhome rental be the first step of your National Park adventure? Remember, America the Beautiful is calling!

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