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Affordable Ways To RV Travel In 2022

With the price of gas on the rise, you might decide against taking a California RV trip this year because you don't think you can afford it. Using the right tips can help you save money and stick to your budget as you explore the open road in an RV rental.



Choose Free Camping Spots


Why pay to stay in a fancy resort with your California rental that offers lots of amenities you won't use? The Bureau of Land Management maintains sites across the country and lets you camp for free. You'll also find some developed campgrounds that charge a small fee per night, BLM campgrounds in California and other states may limit how long you can stay in your Texas RV rental.


Use Fuel Discounts


Don't let the rising prices at the pump keep you from filling up your Florida RV or California RV. If you have a favorite gas station chain, sign up for their loyalty card. Many cards save you a few cents off per gallon. You also qualify for discounts when you spend money and earn points on your card during your RV rental travels.


Take Advantage of Your Kitchen


Whether you have a motorhome rental or you own a Texas RV, take advantage of your kitchen. As you plan your fall travel trips, think about dishes you can make in your kitchen instead of visiting local restaurants. If you want to go out to eat, consider having dinner at your campground and breakfast and lunch out because those meals are often cheaper.


Look for Free Activities


While you can save money with an affordable RV rental, keep in mind that you won't want to stay inside 24/7. Free activities give you a few things you can do outside without going over your budget. Many national parks in California and other states give you full access to all their activities with a day pass. You might also find museums that offer free or discounted admission for kids.


Find the Right Motorhome Rental


Renting a Texas RV can save you money when compared to the cost of buying a motorhome. Find an affordable RV rental today that lets you use all of these tips to save money on your fall travel plans.


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