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Top RV Destinations: The Outer Banks, North Carolina

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The Outer Banks is North Carolina's answer to the Florida Keys. Many of the smaller islands here feature campgrounds where motorhome rentals can park, hook up, and spend a few days or more enjoying the beaches. There are plenty of other things you can see and do here, too. Pick up your El Monte RV at any of our nationwide rental locations and make your reservations to see the following places today.

RVing and Fishing: The Perfect Combination

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Is there a better combo than fishing and RVing? An RV gives you all of the creature comforts of home, from comfy beds and a TV to a kitchen with your favorite appliances and a bathroom. Whether you need to clean up after a day at the lake or you want to escape from the rain or high temperatures outside, just hop inside and take a quick break. You can always pick and go to where the fish are biting, too. With a rent motor home package and a free fishing day, you'll have almost everything you need.

The 3 Free National Park Days

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Visiting sites run by National Park Service is a great way to experience our nation's beauty. El Monte RV encourages you to rent a small RV and head out to explore during the free national park days. These are national park holidays that do not charge customers an entrance fee at the front gate. Check out all the cheap RVs for rent by El Monte RV and then plan your trip on one of the following three national parks days.

Be aware that rates to camp an RV or pitch a tent to stay overnight are still applicable. Any additional fees for hookups are not voided either, but since the park entrance fee can often be more than the fees you pay to stay, it's worth it. Any park that ordinarily doesn't charge an entrance fee will remain free, so these free days only apply to parks that do charge the entrance fee.

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