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Best RVs For Boondocking | Motorhome Rental | El Monte RV

H1 What are the Best RVs for Boondocking?


Since 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, RV boondocking has become more popular for many Americans, either as a lifestyle choice or for short to medium length vacations. It is a great way to get off the grid, immerse yourself in nature, and see the beautiful parks, forests, and mountains of our gorgeous country. El Monte RV has some great small and medium sized RVs to get you started on your next boondocking trip. Explore our options today!



What is Boondocking?


Essentially, boondocking is off the grid RV travel which can also be called “dry camping.” Boondocking involves camping in your RV without water, sewage, or electrical connections, which means you can truly get off the grid. Boondocking normally involves pulling your RV or motorhome rental behind your truck or SUV to reach backcountry spots or using a smaller motorhome rental to travel. It is a great way to save money while on an extended trip as you do not need to stay overnight in a hotel or Airbnb. The most self-sufficient boondockers embrace nature, cook all of their meals outdoors, and truly live unconnected while out on the road or in the backcountry. 


Best RVs for Boondocking


Although a lot will come down to preference, the best RVs for boondocking tend to be small to medium sized trailers that can be pulled behind a truck or SUV or a Class C small/medium sized motorhome. Both options will work great for your situation. Boondocking requires a manageable RV or motorhome rental that can take tight turns, make it up steep hills, and drive on sand. These are the conditions that you may experience in remote locations. It’s important to note that boondocking requires specific RV driving skills because of the driving conditions in the backcountry. You should always ensure your RV or motorhome rental can handle the conditions and that you can handle the driving. 


El Monte’s Class C Motorhome Rentals 


El Monte offers a few different Class C motorhome rental models that would be great for your first boondocking trip. All Class C RVs come equipped with power steering and brakes, exterior storage bays, overdrive transmission, and a generator - all of which are necessary when boondocking. Currently, El Monte offers the following Class C RVs: 



All three of these options would be great for boondocking. If you have questions about the particulars between these different models, never hesitate to ask the El Monte team. 


Contact El Monte for RV Boondocking Options Today!


Are you planning your upcoming boondocking trip and are new to the adventure? Contact El Monte RV for affordable motorhome rentals to get started. Our team will be happy to walk you through the details of our RV options and choose the most appropriate motorhome for your upcoming trip. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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