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Camping EDC: An RVers Guide

When you're a fan of techno, house and trance, heading out to EDC or Electric Daisy Carnival is practically an annual tradition. Music, lights and dancing all night long are part of this spectacle. Lodging around the event, however, can be limited and expensive. Learn how you can camp at EDC with an RV rental in Las Vegas right now.


Book Early


Travel at EDC is usually by personal car, rideshare or taxi cabs. Camping is allowed at EDC as long as you can book the space early on. Ideally, plan several months ahead of time for your group's RV rental in Nevada. El Monte RV has many different RV sizes to choose from, but its possible for vehicles to be sold out over EDC's weekend.

Call El Monte RV about your rental right now!


Purchase RV Passes


With an RV at EDC booked with El Monte RV, it's time to secure your spot at EDC itself. Campers must buy RV passes along with their festival tickets, reminds Electric Daisy Carnival. There are a limited number of parking spots at EDC, so be aware of selling dates for these passes.

Our RV rental in Las Vegas can support your camping needs with either small, medium or large vehicles. Ask us about our selection during the booking process.


Stock Up


Be sure to stock up the RV rental from Nevada well before the big day. Water, snacks, first-aid kits and many other items should be onboard. Think of the vehicle as your home away from home. The EDC party is thrilling, but you need those supplies to stay healthy too.


Get to Know the RV


If you've never driven an RV at EDC, El Monte RV can go over all the specifics with you beforehand. In fact, we offer a beginner's tour of the interior and how to drive it. Most of our vehicles can be simply driven like a car. The main difference between the two is size. Paying attention to vehicle dimensions and clearances is critical. Luckily, travel at EDC is mostly desert driving out in the open.

Use EDC's Resources


EDC lodging also requires a purchase of power and other amenities at the site. El Monte RV can show you how to hook up the RV to the location's power grid, for example. You'll also have access to their pump outs so that you can remove wastewater from the vehicle.

Planning ahead for your EDC lodging is the key to success. El Monte RV in Las Vegas can secure you a perfect ride for the entire event. An unforgettable weekend is your only concern now.


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