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COVID Vacation Ideas - 2020 Summer RV Travel Guide

COVID Challenges and Choices for the Summer of 2020

This summer presents more challenges for travel but with some advance planning it could be a great summer for traveling in an RV. We understand that many of you have been adversely affected by recent events or government restrictions that have kept you in your home or close to home. When you are ready to get out and resume traveling in an RV, we look forward to hosting you in an El Monte RV of your choice. 


Meanwhile, this is an interesting side note: Wildlife had their own COVID vacation while the humans were away.


While these times are difficult to endure for some humans, the plus side might be that wildlife were enjoying more freedom to roam in their natural habitats, unthreatened by human traffic. National Parks are supposed to be all about nature. The reality can be the complete opposite in some of the United States’ most popular parks, especially in spring and summer. Parking lots are crammed full, trails are packed with hikers, and the forests are anything but quiet. The corona virus tragically resulted in the closure of many national parks, meaning we might have to wait a while before again enjoying some of the country’s most scenic offerings in person. It also means, however, that their landscapes have returned to their most natural state.


This video shared by Yosemite National Park in early April of this year shows the park completely deserted by tourists, and instead occupied by its native residents — the wildlife. Young deer wander along the roads unafraid of traffic, coyotes stroll alongside abandoned bike racks, and the sound of tumbling waterfalls is unobstructed by any human chattering. 


Some National parks remain closed in some of the hardest hit areas but many are now open so plan your trip well and check out whichever parks you want to visit and see what the current conditions are in that park. You can go to the National Parks Website here to find the website for the park of your choice.


Yosemite, for example, closed on March 20, but now, they, like many other National parks, are going through a phased reopening. You might see a notice like this when you go to the National Park website of your choice. “Yosemite is open with reservations required due to COVID-19. We are working to increase access to the park in a phased approach. Yosemite National Park is open with limited services and facilities to those with day-use reservations, reservations for in-park lodging or camping, and wilderness or Half Dome permits.” And there is likely to be a page like this one on “How Will COVID-19 Affect My Visit?”


Of course, the park won’t remain this way forever, nor do we want it to. We’re eager to get back access to all of our national parks and go exploring again. 


Remember, RV travel is a great way to apply social distancing! RVs are being used as a safe place to self-isolate or even to create a home office, so to be out of the family’s way. And, if you are lucky enough to be able to travel in an RV right now, gas is cheap, the roads are fairly empty and if you can keep your family to yourselves, you can take advantage of plenty of family time together. 

National Parks Open: Although it is a difficult task, the NPS reports it is modifying its operations to implement the latest health guidelines. However, there are many parks open or reopening. The best thing to do if you want to visit a National Park during this time is to contact the park yourself. Check out the National Parks Website to find contact information and links to the park you’re interested in. Your specific park will have specific requirements posted and how they have adapted to the COVID-19 situation.


According to the Fast Company website, ‘most of the big parks that aren’t totally shut have at least closed some visitor facilities, restrooms, and some popular trails. The Everglades’ public information officer says all the land access is closed, to comply with Miami-Dade’s stay-at-home rule, but the backcountry wilderness and waters are open for private boats. Kathleen Gonder, the superintendent of Utah’s Cedar Breaks National Monument, adjacent to Bryce Canyon National Park, says the park is still open to those with their own snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling equipment, and the recent snowstorms mean people are still using the park. 


At El Monte RV, we are committed to remaining open to support the community and our customers by providing temporary accommodation to facilitate self-isolation.  Our RVs are fully self-contained and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, so can be useful to those looking for self-isolation alternatives in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in addition to families ready to take off for a summer vacation. 


Need to rent an RV? Find your ideal recreational vehicle for your needs at one of our El Monte RV Rental locations. See our Where to Rent an RV page for all our El Monte Rental locations and check with the nearest one for available rentals.

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