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El Monte RV Rentals – One-Way RV Rental Deals

Did you know that you can often get really great pricing on renting RV’s when you choose a One-Way rental deal?  Sometimes this is a more expensive option for rentals since it means that the RV’s end up at a different location from where they started and that makes it more difficult for some locations to predict and satisfy demand for their units. So, sometimes the rental company will charge a surcharge to make it possible for them to relocate the unit back to its starting place.

However, at various times of the year and with some companies, you can get great deals on One-Way rentals. This can happen, for example, when a company wants to relocate some of its units to another location. It may also happen when new units are being manufactured at the factory and several new RV’s need to get to various locations around the country.

Companies often call these “Relocation Specials” and many advertise them on their websites.

Here you can really save not only the “one-way” drop off fee, but you can often save on the rental fee itself. Individual rental locations often book more rentals than their local fleet can support, so they must pull RVs from other offices to support the demand — leading to several great relocation rental incentives. Prime RV rental season in the U.S. is during the summer, so this is when you’ll see the greatest number of relocation rental offers.

Unfortunately for your trip planning, most relocation rentals are listed no more than a week or two before the necessary pick-up date — and the lucrative incentives usually don’t appear until a day or two before. But, if you can be flexible, or if you live in a city that often has relocation rentals, you may be able to jump on an offer for a last-minute road trip.

Another topic to keep an eye out for are the “shoulder” season rentals. This period falls just before and just after the high season for RV rental (typically the end of spring and the beginning of fall) and offers a combination of desirable prices and weather. This means that demand at individual rental locations is higher and they need to receive new vehicles from the factory in the spring and early summer. Factory relocation rentals are easier to build a vacation around, as you can usually book these relocation rentals a few months in advance. The downside is that the pick-up location is at the factory – which is usually at least a few hours from a major airport. Road Bear RV, Apollo, and Cruise America each offer factory relocation deals every spring.

In RV travel, you have a choice – to rent for a round trip or to take the RV for a One-Way Rental. Whichever you choose is up to you. These points can help to make a one-way RV rental vacation successful.

What is a one-way RV rental?

In case, the wasn’t clear, renting a motorhome one way means you pick it up from one city and drop it off at another.

Why choose a one-way RV rental?

Simply to see and do more with the time you have. One-way RV rentals offer the perfect RV road trip option because no backtracking is necessary.

Sometimes it is much simpler to plan your trip to go one-way, like a cross country RV trip, for example. After driving all the way across the country, it may be a little difficult to imagine having to turn around and drive back! Maybe your trip doesn’t just cross a continent — it actually expands to other continents, too. Maybe you want to journey across the U.S. to land in a major seaside port city, like Los Angeles or Tampa, in order to take a cruise ship or flight to an overseas destination.

Or, maybe you just want to experience the RV lifestyle for a short period within a larger road trip, tent camping or staying at hotels for the rest of the time. Your travel plans are yours to determine, and one-way RV rentals make it possible to experience the road exactly as you want to! Adding flexibility to your travel schedule is another reason to consider a one-way rental. Let’s say you decided to stay a few extra nights at some lovely destination. With many one-way rentals, you can determine the length of time you want and make changes, especially if you are facilitating the RV company’s move to a different location.

If you only need a motorhome or travel trailer for one leg of your trip, a one-way RV rental is the perfect way to simplify that journey. You can drive in style from one destination to the other between extended stays, for example, or enjoy a leisurely journey to the city you have to fly out of to get to your ultimate stopping point. No matter how you have set up your travel plans, not having to worry about getting your rental RV back where it came from can lift a huge weight off your shoulders, particularly if you’re the one in charge of plotting the itinerary. After all, your travels should be totally up to you — not mitigated by what kinds of travel methods are available!


EL MONTE RV often offers Relocation Specials. Click on that link to check our website and check back often. And, remember to start your trip by booking your reservation early for your RV with EL MONTE RV.


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