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Fitness on the Road – Staying Fit While RV Camping

When you are traveling, whether by plane, boat, train or in a car or RV, your personal fitness routine may take a hit. It is important to remember you need to maintain physical fitness when you travel. One thing that is usually easy to do is walking or hiking, almost anywhere you go. Here are several other suggestions from experienced RV campers about how they maintain fitness on the road.


Hiking is one of the best ways to get familiar with the countryside while also getting some steps in — and climbing some hills, to boot! Better yet, there are trails available for every fitness level, so you never have to feel like hiking is too hard (or too easy, for that matter). It’s important to always ensure you’ve got enough water, snacks, and sunscreen on you, however, and there’s also some trail etiquette that can help you stay safe along the way. Particularly in these days of social distancing, picking the ideal time for your hike can be critical and some parks will let you know when their trails are too full to accommodate new hikers. Check in with the park office when you arrive for which trails are at your level of fitness and which are available and not too crowded.


Biking is another wonderful outdoor pursuit and with most RV’s something you can do on the road. Along with giving you the chance to go faster and get a slightly different kind of workout than hiking or walking, biking is also a lot more versatile. There are bicycles built specifically for speedy road riding and bikes that are meant specifically for going up and down hills in the mountains. There are hybrid bikes that can do all the above — and all of them are easy to bring along, thanks to bike racks that allow you to strap them to the back of your vehicle. Or, your rental RV may have plenty of room to bring your bikes along.


Jogging or running is another activity that really requires no extra gear, just your good running shoes, and outdoor wear that wicks away moisture. To ensure your safety (and your continued ability to go on runs), it’s important to outfit yourself with the right shoes and to maintain proper form to avoid hurting yourself. It’s easy to overdo it as a beginner and go too far too fast, so pace yourself and start out on a gradient that you can do easily, working up to more and more distance as you progress.


If you often camp near bodies of water, getting out there on them and paddling around can be a great workout — and one could leave you with bulging biceps, as well. Kayaking and canoeing are simultaneously relaxing and strenuous enough to get your heart rate up, and there are a variety of ways to go about it. For instance, you might take a canoe out on a still, glassy pond — or strap into a whitewater canoe for a rough-and-tumble adventure. There’s also stand-up paddle-boarding to consider, as well as other types of water adventures… including plain old swimming!


Other Outdoor Exercises


Along with the adventures listed above, you can also go outside and do calisthenics, like jumping jacks, air-squats, running in place, and more. You might even string together a whole training circuit from your campsite: run to the tree and back, do five burpees and some sit-ups, and if you still have the energy, start again!


What about indoors? Or, how about doing some exercise while you are driving down the road? Rainy days or a crowded campground don’t mean you have to be stuck without any kind of exercise option. There are plenty of ways to get some motion in even if you’re dealing with limited space.


For instance, there are some great streaming exercise programs out there that can guide you through a workout that doesn’t take any more room than a yoga mat. Some of our favorites include the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, and the body-neutral weekly routines crafted by Bethany C. Meyers at the be.come project. You can even find some exercises you can do while you are seated such as chair yoga. Look online for lots of options. 


Even if you simply do some planks and sit-ups, any movement at all is better than none, and you don’t need a whole lot of room to get your sweat on. The seven-minute workout, for instance, doesn’t take much space, and is still a great way to get your heart rate up and build strength and stamina. There’s even an easy app for it you can download onto your phone!


Exercise Equipment for your RV


If you are accustomed to working out with some equipment, you may be thinking that it wouldn’t fit in your RV, or you may not feel you can pack it with you to take on your RV adventure. Here are some small footprint items that you could pack in the suitcase and take with you. 


Although you don’t necessarily need any extra equipment to get in your on-the-road workout, some people do feel more comfortable if they have a travel exercise fitness kit available. Fortunately, there are some simple pieces of equipment that can pack a big punch without taking up too much room in your rig (or costing an arm and a leg, either!). Fitness bands are favorite pieces of travel exercise or workout equipment, which fold down to nearly nothing and can make classic movements like push-ups a lot more challenging. You can also find workouts built specifically with resistance bands in mind — and it may surprise you how challenging they can be!


There are other pieces of mobile fitness equipment you can easily add to your RV, such as a yoga ball, foldable cardio bikes, small step machines, and even a small set of dumbbells. There are many different types of movement you can pull off with a minimal amount of equipment… or even without any equipment at all.


All in all, it’s about finding ways to move every day, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like your normal gym routine. Keeping your body in motion can help strengthen your cardiovascular system, muscles, and even helps your mind. Exercise has even been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Keeping yourself strong can ensure you’ll be ready to tackle whatever adventures you decide to do on your RV adventure or at home.


As a reminder, when you are getting ready to hit the road and stay fit while you do so, check with your nearest El Monte RV dealer, who can help you with any questions you may have. Take a moment to check out our one-way special offers at El Monte RV.

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