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Great One-Way RV Trips!

Our Picks for the Best One-Way Trips

Have you thought of going on an exciting road trip in an RV but didn’t want to worry about returning the unit back to where it was rented? There’s the convenient option of renting RVs one way. Experience an epic RV travel adventure exactly as you plan it to without being held back by the hassle of bringing the camper back at the end of the trip to its original location. 


Many different RV rental companies and some private owners now offer one-way RV rentals. The distance may be capped at 1,000 miles in some cases. The cost to rent an RV one way is generally $2-$3 per mile plus a drop charge of $50 -$200. The prices per day for this alternative may differ depending on many factors, especially your pick-up city and drop-off destination.


One-way RV trips can be a great way to explore new places and have unique adventures. Here are our top picks for great one-way and scenic RV trips:


Pacific Coast Highway: If you are on the west coast, this trip would have you start out in Seattle and ending in San Diego, or vice-versa. This scenic route offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, winding roads through forests, and some stops in iconic cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Stretching along much of California, the Pacific Coast Highway runs 656 miles through much of the state’s west coast. It touches point at many popular cities including Santa Monica, and Big Sur. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway offers views of jagged rocks along the ocean, beautiful beaches, bustling boardwalks, and so much more. And, the highway is itself quite beautiful. Stopping off in Carmel or Sausalito – or even touring Alcatraz – would be worthwhile way stops on this trip. If you have never been to Malibu or other southern California beaches, this is your chance to soak in the sun or jump on that surfboard and enjoy California dreaming in real life.


Route 66: This historic route known as the Mother Road, starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, California. Along the way, you'll see classic Americana sights like diners, motels, and roadside attractions. And so many other amazing sights await you along the way. Stop off in Winslow, Arizona (yes, from the Eagles song, Take It Easy), and visit Seligman, Arizona, the town that was the basis for Radiator Springs in the Disney Cars movies. Another place that inspired several aspects of that film was Shamrock, Texas, a sort of middle-of-nowhere town. 


While on this route, take the time to visit the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. This National Park, is centered around a paved roadway that’s punctuated by many lookout points with parking lots. RVers can drive the scenic hour-long drive throughout the park, taking in beautiful vistas and natural phenomena. There are endless sights to see right from the RV and plenty of additional opportunities to stop at overlooks when visiting the park.


Alaska Highway: Starting in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and ending in Delta Junction, Alaska, this route takes you through some of the most remote and beautiful parts of North America. Denali National Park can be your destination, and a worthwhile one it is, teeming with all kinds of Alaskan wildlife. Denali is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road. Travelers along it can see the relatively low-elevation taiga forest give way to high alpine tundra and snowy mountains, culminating in North America's tallest peak, 20,310' Denali. Wild animals large and small roam un-fenced lands, living as they have for ages. Solitude, tranquility and wilderness await.


The Great River Road: Follow the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana on this scenic route that takes you through charming river towns, historic sites, and stunning natural landscapes. Discover America’s best drive on the Great River Road National Scenic Byway. The Great River Road has been named an All-American Road and traces the course of the Mississippi River for 3,000 miles through 10 states, traveling through America’s rich history, vibrant culture and inspiring natural beauty.


The Florida Keys: Drive the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West for a unique island-hopping experience. Take a drive on the 113 mile stretch of roadway that extends from mainland Florida throughout the Florida Keys. This roadway offers picturesque views of both water and land-based sights from Key Largo to Key West, with unobstructed ocean vantage points. It’s a memorable drive that features must-see sights such as limestone structures, historic elements of the roadway, local communities, and sailboats in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the highway.


Along the way, you can stop at state parks, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy fresh seafood. There are also famous locations from films here, like John Huston’s classic with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall “Key Largo” from 1947, the Rose Tattoo from 1954 and Operation Petticoat in 1959, just to name a few. – and many TV shows, commercials and other well-known movies were shot against this tropical, Caribbean-like backdrop. Home to several of Florida’s state parks, the Florida Keys are worth spending an entire week or more. You can fill several months with lazy days of comfort in this American paradise. 


Denver to Salt Lake City: This mountainous route takes you through some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States, including Rocky Mountain in Colorado and the Big Five National Parks in Utah: Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park. You won’t be disappointed if you visit any one of them, or take the time to stop at all five. 


The Blue Ridge Parkway: Take a leisurely drive through the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, following the Blue Ridge Parkway from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park which straddles Tennessee and North Carolina.


This scenic drive extends 469 miles through beautiful mountains and Appalachian Highlands. There are sections of the route that are easier to drive than others, but much of it is easily passable by RV. It includes eight campgrounds and incredible trails, vistas, and views. Virtually any section of the Parkway offers beautiful scenic sights that can be enjoyed right from the RV as you’re driving this memorable route. If you’re driving a larger RV, it is recommended to use pull-over areas when descending steep gradients and to check tunnel heights as well. more information on RVing along the Blue Ridge Parkway is available at that link. 


New England Fall Foliage: Take a one-way trip through the colorful autumn foliage of New England, starting in Maine and ending in Connecticut. Along the way, you'll pass through charming towns, historic landmarks, and scenic parks. Experience the vibrant colors of autumn in New England, driving from Boston to Burlington, Vermont, and taking in the stunning foliage displays in states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Route 100, Vermont is a scenic byway that runs along the edge of the state’s famous Green Mountains. Stretching throughout much of the state, the Route 100 Byway in Vermont is famous for its incredible fall foliage that can be enjoyed every year. It also runs through many towns and stop-offs that are great to see. This road is your perfect RVing scenic drive!


No matter which one-way RV trip you choose, be sure to plan ahead, pack accordingly and take the time to explore the local attractions and hidden gems along the way. 

And when you have decided on a destination for your one-way RV trip, check with your local El Monte RV Dealer! Their RVs are road-ready, tuned up and optimized for the best possible gas mileage. The dealer can also recommend some great destinations for you around their area.


Rent an RV for a week or longer to take in all the sights around whatever area you choose for your next RV adventure. Be sure to check in with your local El Monte RV Dealer for a great RV rental deal before you go. Happy travels!

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