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How to Maintain Your RV

How to Maintain Your RV

When you own a motorhome the open road is your oyster. No worrying about booking hotels along the way, you can even cook in the comfort of your own vehicle. Your RV is your constant companion for adventure, your home away from home. Just like a home or a car, your RV needs to be cared for properly to keep it in good shape and running smoothly for years to come, so El Monte RV has assembled this list of helpful RV maintenance tips. Find your dream RV in our extensive used inventory, or visit one of our seven locations to browse our motorhomes for sale



1) Check Your Battery

RV batteries tend to lose capacity after a few years, 3 for towable and 5 for drive. It is important to keep the battery fully charged at all times. 


2) Check the Electrical Connection between RV and Tow Vehicle

It is vital to check the connection between your tow vehicle and RV. When the connection is sound, the brake lights on the RV will light up when you hit the break in your tow vehicle. Your RV battery will also be charging, and the brakes will be functioning. 


3) Change the Oil Regularly

We recommend you change your RV’s oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles, or on a seasonal basis. If you don’t change the oil regularly, the engine will quickly wear out.


4) Inspect Seals and Seams

Leaks can develop in any of your RV’s seams, such as vents,air conditioning, skylights, and interior and exterior panels. Use a sealant compatible with your roof material to patch the leak. 


5) Tighten Lug Nuts and Check Tire Pressure

Driving with loose lug nuts and tire pressure that’s too low or too high can be dangerous, as it could result in a lost or blown out tire. To prevent accidents and damage, check tires before every trip.


6) Maintain Your Brake System

Maintain and lubricate the wheel bearings and ensure the breaks have enough material on them and are working property. Replace brakes as soon as issues arise, for your safety. 


7) Replace Air, Fuel, Coolant, and Hydraulic Filters Seasonally

Inspect the filters in your RV every time you do an oil change. Worn out or clogged filters can cause engine damage, so it is a good idea to replace them seasonally. 


8) Carefully Maintain Waste Water System

Always use chemicals that are compatible with your waste water system. Flush the system on a regular basis with an adequate amount of fluid to restart the system. This prevents clogging. 


Start Your RV Journey Today

Every captain needs a ship, so maybe it’s time you found the RV of your dreams and hit the road in a new way. Explore our extensive used inventory by location and a member of the El Monte RV team will match you with a vehicle that checks every box from specs to price point. Contact us to get started and get pre-approval on insurance.

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