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How To properly Dispose of RV Waste

Travel With Heart - How To Dispose of RV Waste


After a long day on the road, sightseeing with the family, or road tripping with your good friends, the last thing you may want to do is empty your RV’s wastewater tank. It may seem gross to have to dispose of your own sewage, but without proper RV waste disposal our beautiful backcountry roads and scenic nature views would be soiled with RV waste and sewage. Luckily, here at El Monte RV, we have a time-tested list of easy steps to help you dispose of your RV waste—in under 15 minutes! Check out this quick guide on how to take care of the environment by reducing your impact and find out how to dump RV waste with your motorhome rental.



Step 1: Know Your Tanks


The first step towards proper RV waste disposal is knowing the anatomy of your RV, which means knowing your three water tanks:


  • H3 Blackwater: Your wastewater tank that includes sewage and water from your toilet

  • H3 Greywater: This tank contains used water from your shower and sink drains

  • H3 Freshwater: Here is where you store your clean water for that runs to your shower and sink


Make sure you are very familiar with the location of each of these tanks’ valves on your RV so you can empty or fill them without worrying about getting wastewater in your freshwater supply!


Step 2: Setup


Once you know the location of your tanks and valves on your motorhome rental, it’s time to take care of RV waste disposal. Make sure you use a good pair of rubber gloves just in case there are any accidents. Then, attach your sewage drain hose to the valve or sewer line at the dump station, before attaching the hose to the blackwater valve on your motorhome rental. Once you’ve got both ends of the hose securely fastened, it's time to empty the tank!


Step 3: Empty The Tank


If you’ve been wondering how to dump RV waste, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Find the valve on your blackwater tank and twist it or pull it (depending on your RV) to empty the tank into the dumping station. Once everything has drained out of the hose you can rinse out your tank by either by pouring water into the tank itself or with a graywater flushing system that many RVs come equipped with. Make sure that everything is cleared out of your blackwater tank before repeating the previous steps to empty and clean your greywater tank. 


Step 4: Cleanup


If you have followed steps one through three for proper RV waste disposal, then cleanup should not be an issue. Once you detach your hose from your RV, you can flush fresh water through it to make sure it is clean and then store it safely in a spot designated for your hose. And there you have it—you’ve learned how to dump RV waste with your motorhome rental and you are ready to start your cross country roadtrip! Contact El Monte RV today to book a rental RV or buy an RV from any of our nationwide locations. And when you do, make sure you dispose of your RV waste properly—the environment will thank you for it!


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