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How to Save Money on RV Fuel

How to Save Money on RV Fuel - RV Lifestyle


When it comes to taking a trip in a motorhome RV rental, every penny saved is another penny that could go towards an awesome addition to your RV adventure. Anyone who has lived the RV lifestyle knows how easy it can be to overspend on fuel for your RV—that’s why we at El Monte RV have put together a list of quick ways to save money on RV fuel. Check out how to cut down on your gas overhead with these easy fuel-saving tips!



Check Your Tire Pressure


Low tires can increase drag on your wheels, causing you to use more fuel to get from point A to point B. Use an air pressure gauge to make sure that your wheels are appropriately full—and save money on gas as a result!


Compare Gas Prices


Gas prices vary from station to station and from town to town, so if you want to save money on fuel, you’d best start comparing the different price options that are available to you. Once you start observing gas prices closely, you’ll start to notice some trends: some brands are much cheaper than others and gas stations that stand alone in the middle of nowhere tend to be able to charge as much as they want for their rare commodity!


Drive Smart


One of the easiest ways to burn fuel in your motorhome RV rental is by driving erratically and by accelerating/breaking unnecessarily. Part of the RV lifestyle means that you won’t have the zippiness of a 4 door sedan, so don’t worry about trying to beat the other cars at the light—it will only waste your gas. 


Reduce Your Load


Carrying non-essentials on your RV trip is never a great idea, but when it comes to saving money on fuel, it's a no-brainer! That iron buddha statue that you were thinking about bringing for good luck and prosperity? Maybe leave it behind this time. Try cutting down on some of your heavier items and see how much you can save by lightening your load.

Contact El Monte RV for more tips on how to save fuel, or to book a rental RV today! Your next cross-country adventure is waiting for you at one of our nationwide locations—and now you can choose to have us drive your RV Motorhome rental directly to you at select RV-friendly events!

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