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Is Van Life Right For You?


You’ve seen the hashtags, the Instagram feeds, and the blogs featuring dudes with their sun-bleached hair up in a man-bun—but what is van life like in reality? And how do you know if it is right for you? Here at El Monte RV, we have introduced thousands of customers to the RV lifestyle and some of them love it so much that they never look back! Find out how you can learn about the reality of van life and discover whether or not the RV lifestyle is for you.


What Is Van Life?


The thing about van life is that while there are many different ways to do it and it may have no official definition, there is one thing that all its participants have in common: they are all living in vans. The trend of van life has produced a wave of van life enthusiasts who have written or blogged about their experiences in a methodical and extremely thorough fashion. While it might not sound glamorous, these advocates have talked about all of the various benefits of van life and the ways in which their lives have changed for the better since ditching the traditional methods of stationary existence. Here are some of the most notable reasons that people around the world are switching to the RV lifestyle:


  • Economy: Living in a van can cut down on expenses like rent, heating, and costly home repairs

  • Freedom: With remote work and a home on wheels, you can relocate whenever you want, and go wherever you want—assuming you can drive there.

  • Decluttering: Part of the appeal of the RV lifestyle is reducing the amount of clutter and excessive possessions that come with our consumer culture—and enjoying the mental relief that can come with paring down your belongings. 

  • Person Growth: Leaving behind the trappings of stationary life can help you find yourself, challenge your pre-dispositions, and focus on the things that truly matter to you. 


How Do You Know If It's For You?

The best way to find out if you are suited for the RV lifestyle is to try it out. And no, that doesn’t mean buying a van and making a huge financial investment—with El Monte RV you can test out van life in a rental motorhome! Why sink a bunch of money into something that might not even be right for you? Our selection of rental motorhomes allow you to test the waters of the RV lifestyle with a rental van of your choosing. You can also take advantage of our Try Before You Buy option and live in a motorhome with the option to buy it later! Contact El Monte RV today to rent an

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