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Nine Amazing One-Tank Trips near Las Vegas

Here are nine suggested trips to take in your RV that are not very far from Las Vegas. Don’t be afraid to go just a little farther afield as there are some absolutely beautiful sights to see when you adventure out beyond the city limits.



Suggested One-Tank Trips:

From Las Vegas, you can drive on a tank of gas in any direction you choose. Las Vegas may be an oasis in the Nevada desert, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing to do. Las Vegas is the epicenter for tons of fantastic destinations from just outside the city limits to farther afield; from modern marvels to nature's most beautiful creations. Here are just a few we would recommend for your one-tank trip. 


1)  Red Rock Canyon 

A gorgeous, coppery national conservation area filled with natural wonder located only 23 miles from Las Vegas. A must-see in the area are the petroglyphs, only a short trek from the Willow Springs Picnic Area, the drawings are estimated to be over 800 years old. This park features a one-way 13-mile scenic drive, hiking and trails, plants and wildlife, geology, camping, cultural resources and much more.


2) Valley of Fire:


This state park of geological marvels is just under an hour away from Sin City, making it one of the best places to visit in your RV. Valley of Fire contains a unique landscape created by shifting dunes over 150-million years ago and gets its name from the striking Aztec sandstone that appears to be set ablaze in direct sunlight. This prehistoric land features 2,500-year-old petroglyphs and even dinosaur bones that will have any rock-lover dying to explore. 


3) Mount Charleston:


What a surprise this is; you’re only 50 miles from Vegas, but it feels like a thousand. During the drive to Mount Charleston, in the Spring Mountains National Recreation area, be sure to stop at the Desert View Overlook. There you’ll find a short and well-maintained path that leads to an expansive and panoramic vista of the Mojave Desert below. Mount Charleston offers snow every winter so tourists who want to get away from the desert can enjoy skiing down the slopes. For playing in the snow, the best options are the Foxtail Picnic Area or the Old Mill Picnic Area. They both have tons of parking, heated bathrooms (so you don’t freeze to the seat) and cozy fire pits. They also have concession stands that sell sleds, gloves and hot cocoa to warm yourself after intense snowball fights.


4) Great Basin National Park

In addition to those spots named above, there are several National Parks and Recreation Areas not too far from Vegas. Near Baker, Nevada, you will find Great Basin National Park with its wonderful wilderness areas and more than 60 miles of hiking trails. Try hiking the Baker Lake Trail or the Bristlecone-Glacier Trail. You will love getting out into the beautiful environment that awaits you here.  


5) Lake Mead National Recreation Area


This is a great place to camp in your RV where you can freshen up after a swim or a hike. You can also fish, boat or just lounge around soaking up the sun. You will get some great photos here. The lakes, desert landscapes and wildlife will capture your fancy and make the trip in your RV worthwhile. While there, be sure to visit Hoover Dam, which isn’t a National Park, but is run under the Bureau of Reclamation. And another spot to stop in near Hoover Dam is Boulder City for even more fun. One of the most historic locations in the area, this charming small town was the booming epicenter of the region during the 1930s. You can visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum, explore the many antique stores, like Goatfeathers Emporium in the downtown area or get a glimpse into classic Hollywood horror with Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum. Don’t miss a chance to dine in one of Boulder City’s fine restaurants while you’re there.


6) Zion


This Utah National Park closest to Las Vegas, is about 165 miles, or about 2.5 hours northeast of the city. A mile-long tunnel with windows cut into its side and a curving road leading to Zion Canyon draw more than 4 million visitors a year.


7) Death Valley National Park


If you want another excursion, you can drive to Death Valley in 2.5 hours from Vegas. You will be taken in by the unusual, uniqueness of the environment and see how nature just simply survives. Death Valley is different, beautiful in its own way and extreme. October through April are the best times to visit. Also due to the potential for extreme heat, optimum viewing is when the sun is lower in the sky and not directly overhead.

Other national parks close to Las Vegas include: Bryce Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, and the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. 


8) More sights to see near Las Vegas


At the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area you have the opportunity to camp, hike, go horseback riding or rock climbing. As mentioned above, you can enjoy snow skiing at Mt. Charleston during winter months. Don’t miss the wildflowers when they bloom in the spring. This amazing place is only 30 minutes from Las Vegas. 

Ice Age Fossils State Park is a 315-acre state park in North Las Vegas, on the northernmost fringe on the metropolitan area. It is located within the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument near Willie McCool Regional Park.

There is nothing to compare to a scenic drive in an RV motorhome through the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. This huge forest covers Nevada and a part of eastern California and offers plenty of outdoor recreational fun

Another amazing area but a little farther afield is the Big Bend of the Colorado Recreation Area, with tons of dramatic scenery and lots of boating and fishing opportunities. Cave Lake State Park is another park that many people love to visit. If you love trout fishing, this is the place to go.

Floyd Lamb Park located at Tule Springs, is a 2,040-acre park in Las Vegas. The park is centered right on Tule Springs, a series of small lakes that formed an oasis in this part of the Mojave Desert. And, right in Las Vegas is Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park, a Nevada state park, containing the Old Mormon Fort, the first structure built by people of European heritage in what would become Las Vegas fifty years later.  


9) Local Attractions / Amusement and Theme Parks

Head over to Springs Preserve where you will find nature exhibits, botanical gardens and more places to hike. Both kids and adults will love the live animal shows. When you learn the history of the Las Vegas Valley, it makes the trip even more enjoyable.

During the summer months, many RV’ers head to the Wild Island Water Park to cool off. Another fun place is the Las Vegas Zoo with a wide variety of animals and plants to see. A must-see is the Adventuredome Theme Park, with five acres of indoor amusements located on the Strip at Circus-Circus. 


When you are ready to hit the road, there is no better way to see all the sights and experience all the thrills than by getting there and staying in an El Monte RV motorhome. Check your local El Monte RV dealer in Las Vegas for great deals on RV rentals.

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