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USA’s New Favorite Way to Vacation

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As of March, this year, the whole world changed. Literally, the whole world. Changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic created the need for people to remain somewhat separate from others. While it was perfectly fine to be in your own home and stay with the same family members who you usually live with, taking a vacation became a much larger task.

El Monte RV Rentals – One-Way RV Rental Deals

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Did you know that you can often get really great pricing on renting RV’s when you choose a One-Way rental deal?  Sometimes this is a more expensive option for rentals since it means that the RV’s end up at a different location from where they started and that makes it more difficult for some locations to predict and satisfy demand for their units. So, sometimes the rental company will charge a surcharge to make it possible for them to relocate the unit back to its starting place.

Tips and Tricks for One-Way Rentals

One Way RV Rental Tips and Tricks: Making Your Next One-Way RV Vacation a Success

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When you contemplate an RV trip, do you think about going from one place to another and then turning around and retracing your steps back to where you started? We understand that could be a little redundant, and while there are often many new places of interest to visit, sometimes if time is at a premium, you may want to go from one place to another and leave the RV, without having to retrace your steps.


In RV travel, you have a choice – to rent for a round trip or to take the RV for a One-Way Rental. Whichever you choose is up to you. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros on making a one-way RV rental vacation a success.

Xmas in an RV

Christmas in an RV- the best places to spend the holidays in a motorhome

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Thinking of the best Christmas you could imagine, what would it include? Adventure? Family togetherness, beautiful scenery and a sense of freedom? If those are some of the boxes you would check, then spending the holidays with your family in an RV may be the perfect plan.


Many luxury RV resorts are the kinds of places that offer all the amenities you could hope for: spas, saunas, clubhouses with a well-designed schedule of events, and more. For some families these upscale resorts would be the perfect place for holiday vacations.


If luxury isn’t your speed, and you want to spend more time outside enjoying nature, you can pick from so many places to go. The National Parks are amazing as are so many state parks that you can’t even count them all. Pick where you want to be for the best climate you want, and then go from there. If it is south for sunshine and beaches, there are many choice destinations. For the rugged, you could go for northern climates and sun and ski vacations.


For Christmas time, however, here are some great getaway locations to consider for welcoming the holiday season with open arms. In a few short weeks will you be preparing for hot chocolate around the campfire, a Christmas tree in the camper and string lights around the RV to celebrate the most joyous time of the year? Are you looking forward to an epic Christmas at your favorite campground?

We’ve searched the country to find some of the most Christmas-y, cheerful and Santa-filled places that are motorhome approved across the U.S. From towns that are actually called Christmas and Santa Claus, to unique holiday celebrations, you’ll be glad you parked your RV at one of these amazing campgrounds. Get the string lights and mistletoe out; and begin planning a magical Christmas.

Road School: Yes, You Can Homeschool in an RV

How Can You Homeschool in your RV?

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With all of the recent changes to the entire way the country is functioning, it has become an alternative life-style for many to take to the highways and live in their RV. For many who have kids, when the schools are not even open, another responsibility of parents is to take on educating their kids. In some locations, schools are offering remote learning options as well, which only require a good Internet connection. Well, the good news is, whether you choose to educate your child yourself as in homeschooling, or if your child’s school offers remote learning, you can do either in the comfort of your RV. 

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