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Road School. Yes, You Can Homeschool in an RV

How Can You Homeschool in your RV?

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With all of the recent changes to the entire way the country is functioning, it has become an alternative life-style for many to take to the highways and live in their RV. For many who have kids, when the schools are not even open, another responsibility of parents is to take on educating their kids. In some locations, schools are offering remote learning options as well, which only require a good Internet connection. Well, the good news is, whether you choose to educate your child yourself as in homeschooling, or if your child’s school offers remote learning, you can do either in the comfort of your RV.

2020 Summer Vacation Ideas

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We understand that times are difficult and for many, vacation plans are hard to make due to all kinds of airline restrictions, travel bans, etc. However, one type of vacation that you can still take advantage of is a road trip in an RV. We have several suggestions for you and your family for the best summer vacation ever. Make 2020 a year to make good memories!

The U.S. has an abundance of outstanding wilderness and less wild destinations that are easy to explore in your RV. Once you’ve decided to take a big trip, it’s time to plan where you want to go. If you need inspiration for some RV trips, we are here to help. Check out the following National Parks and other locations for a remarkable summer of great adventures and making great lifelong memories.

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