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Choosing a Campground – What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Campgrounds?

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When you decide to go out camping in your RV, you will find out that there are many, many places to camp. How do you decide on the best camping spot for your family? What is the difference between public and private campgrounds? Which ones are right for you?

With the right attitude and RV, you can make memories regardless of the campground you choose.  Most RV’ers just love being out there, on the road, and taking in a wide range of experiences.


Here we outline the different types of campgrounds you can choose. You will probably gravitate toward one type or another, or you may want to try staying in each type for a while and see which suits you and your family the best.

The Best RV Travel Guide – California

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California is the best place for RV’ing – without a doubt. This state’s geography encompasses the foggy hills of San Francisco and golden beaches of San Diego as well as amazing features all along the coast. The Golden State of California is packed with great attractions. Whether you rent an RV in California or hit the road in your own, the best way to see them all is in a home-away-from-home on wheels on an RV road trip.


Here is a list of some of the best places to visit on a California road trip. Head into spectacular Yosemite National Park, drive through the baking desert of Death Valley, visit Los Padres Forest outside Santa Barbara, or soak up the breathtaking scenery along Big Sur.



RV Vacations with your Dog - 10 Great Accessories to Keep Your Pup Happy on the Road

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These days are certainly different from pre-2020 days, but fortunately for RV’ers, this is a great time to travel in your RV and keep appropriate social distancing, while enjoying your RV trip! You can also enjoy the pleasure of taking your furry family member along on your RV adventure, saving you the trip to the doggie day care or the cost of a pet sitter. We think that RVs are definitely the best way to take a vacation, especially if you are a dog owner. Your dog will enjoy the outdoors with you and with just a few accessories, you can make the trip enjoyable and easy and fun for all of you.

Travel with Heart – Ways to save water on your RV road trip.

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Travelling in an RV means the freedom and flexibility to get out and explore amazing places, close to home, or off the beaten track. Your RV provides a perfect way to relax and spend time in nature, from stunning coastlines, to tranquil mountain lakes and the rivers that have shaped the landscape, chances are you are likely to be near a waterway.

Water is a precious resource, vital for people and nature and we need to preserve it for future generations. Across the USA many areas experience water stress and are prone to drought conditions, particularly during the hot summer months. A good way to Travel with Heart is to be aware of your impact and take steps to conserve water, from source to sea. 

Seasonal water stress can also be a significant challenge in remote areas and for popular sites that experience high visitor numbers. Find out if there are water conservation issues in the area you are planning to visit, there may be restrictions in place to save water or conservation initiatives focused on improving and protecting water quality. The National Parks Service has some good advice on Conserving Water when spending time enjoying the outdoors this summer.

COVID Safety – Why RV’s Are Still the Best Way to Vacation

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These days are certainly different from pre-2020 days, but fortunately for RV’ers, this is a great time to travel in your RV and keep your appropriate social distancing, while enjoying your RV trip! We are pleased that so many people have found their RV’s to be a safe haven during these tough times. We think that RVs are definitely the best way to take a vacation, especially during these times.


The coronavirus pandemic has created plenty of uncertainty, including furloughs, remote work and distance learning. But, fortunately, RV’ers can use their RVs for travel and many can work remotely from them, while also taking them on the road for vacations. That is a lot to handle, but here’s why we think that RV’ing is the best way to vacation in an era of social distancing.

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