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What Do You Need for Off the Grid Camping?

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When RV’ing, you may consider that you can find all the comforts of home in a well-equipped RV in a nice park. Or, you may want to break with the traditional park and go Off-Grid and get even closer to nature. In this way, you can definitely save money on campground fees while also taking getting in touch with your environment. One way of doing that is to park on BLM lands or other US Forest Service or National Park lands that are designated for campers. 


We have some suggestions here for what you will need to go off-grid and camp near the roads less traveled. 

How to Camp on BLM Lands in California

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When you are traveling by RV, you still may want to save money on campground fees while also taking responsibility for your environment. Each of us has a shared responsibility to make sure that we don’t put undue stresses on the environment. One way of doing that is to park on BLM lands that are designated for campers. We have some suggestions on how you can save money on campground fees, act responsibly towards your environment, and find great, scenic places to camp on California BLM lands.

Romantic California Summer Getaways by RV

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When it comes to road trips, California is hard to top. The land of fair weather always seems to deliver that carefree, top-down road trip experience. And due to its size — California is the third-largest U.S. state — there's plenty of terrain to explore. You can start at the ocean and end up in the mountains, or spend an entire weekend exploring the California deserts. Whatever your geographic preference, remember to choose someplace romantic for just the two of you to get away to and enjoy the best of the best in California. Here are our suggestions.

Travel with Heart – Tips for responsible RV Travel in National Parks

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National Parks are very special places for the millions who visit each year and renting a motorhome is a great option for your National Park adventure. Your RV has all the comforts of home when you are on the road driving through dramatic landscapes, relaxing by a tranquil lake, spotting wildlife or enjoying a star filled night sky at your campground. 

The National Parks Service NPS find a Park website is a great way to get inspired and start your trip planning. The recently launched a new NPS app  with information on over 400 parks in one place, including interactive maps, amenities, tours and activities, everything you need to discover and explore National Parks across the USA. 

Summer is a great time to celebrate the amazing places, cultural sites, landscapes and nature of our National Parks.  We can all do our part to help protect the Parks we visit, so to help you have fun, stay safe and make a positive difference when visiting National Parks here are 10 ways you can help.

Don't Leave Home Without It - Must Haves on Your Next RV Trip

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When you set out on the open road there are some things that are just common sense to take along with you. But sometimes there are really handy things that you may not have thought of before you left home. Particularly if this is your first or second time renting an RV, we bring you some tips from the seasoned RV’ers that will ensure you have what you need for your next RV adventure!

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