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Fitness on the Road – Staying Fit While RV Camping

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When you are traveling, whether by plane, boat, train or in a car or RV, your personal fitness routine may take a hit. It is important to remember you need to maintain physical fitness when you travel. One thing that is usually easy to do is walking or hiking, almost anywhere you go. Here are several other suggestions from experienced RV campers about how they maintain fitness on the road.

USA’s New Favorite Way to Vacation

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As of March, this year, the whole world changed. Literally, the whole world. Changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic created the need for people to remain somewhat separate from others. While it was perfectly fine to be in your own home and stay with the same family members who you usually live with, taking a vacation became a much larger task.

El Monte RV Rentals – One-Way RV Rental Deals

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Did you know that you can often get really great pricing on renting RV’s when you choose a One-Way rental deal?  Sometimes this is a more expensive option for rentals since it means that the RV’s end up at a different location from where they started and that makes it more difficult for some locations to predict and satisfy demand for their units. So, sometimes the rental company will charge a surcharge to make it possible for them to relocate the unit back to its starting place.

RV Vacations with Kids

RV Vacations with Kids. Best Ideas on How to Keep Kids Happy During Your Next Motorhome Vacation

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When you decide to next embark on your family vacation, and you are taking the kids along on an RV adventure, there are so many places to choose from and locations to visit that it may be hard to figure out where to go, where you can be sure to have fun and keep your kids happy all at the same time.


Experts voice many opinions about the nicest places to travel with your kids. But we think you know your family best and what you each like to do, so you should tailor your own ideal family vacation. First of all, it is essential to plan your trip; where, when, and for how long you want to be away from home.


While any RV vacation takes careful planning, if you’re ready to set out on a family RV trip with the kids, it may take some extra thought and planning. Consider some of these ideas and tips from others who have “been there, done that.”

Tips and Tricks for One-Way Rentals

One Way RV Rental Tips and Tricks: Making Your Next One-Way RV Vacation a Success

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When you contemplate an RV trip, do you think about going from one place to another and then turning around and retracing your steps back to where you started? We understand that could be a little redundant, and while there are often many new places of interest to visit, sometimes if time is at a premium, you may want to go from one place to another and leave the RV, without having to retrace your steps.


In RV travel, you have a choice – to rent for a round trip or to take the RV for a One-Way Rental. Whichever you choose is up to you. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros on making a one-way RV rental vacation a success.

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