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COVID Vacation Ideas - 2020 Summer RV Travel Guide

COVID Challenges and Choices for the Summer of 2020

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This summer presents more challenges for travel but with some advance planning it could be a great summer for traveling in an RV. We understand that many of you have been adversely affected by recent events or government restrictions that have kept you in your home or close to home. When you are ready to get out and resume traveling in an RV, we look forward to hosting you in an El Monte RV of your choice.  

2020 Summer Vacation Ideas

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We understand that times are difficult and for many, vacation plans are hard to make due to all kinds of airline restrictions, travel bans, etc. However, one type of vacation that you can still take advantage of is a road trip in an RV. We have several suggestions for you and your family for the best summer vacation ever. Make 2020 a year to make good memories! 

RV Camping to Niagara Falls!

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What? You still haven’t visited Niagara Falls? You haven’t seen one of America’s most memorable sights until you do, so dust off that RV and get going! Here are ten important things to know about RV camping to Niagara Falls.

RV Camping Trip to Idaho’s Shoshone Falls

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An RV camping trip to Twin Falls, Idaho will open your eyes to the joys of the Gem State. One of the real jewels of the Twin Falls area is Snake River Canyon, crowned by Shoshone Falls, the “Niagara of the West.”

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