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Texas Road Trip Ideas – Camping in the Lone Star State

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When traveling in your RV you may want to explore some places you haven’t been before. How about the Lone Star State of Texas? Known to cross-country travelers on I-10 as the never-ending state, this home of the Texas Rangers, the Houston Astros and more, is also full of all kinds of treasures that you can visit when making your RV road trip adventures.

Great Breakfast Ideas to Make on the Road

Getting ready to go out in your RV for a nice spring or early summer adventure? 

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Sometimes you will find that you are all set except your menu is somewhat boring, repetitive and maybe not so nutritious. We have some excellent suggestions for breakfasts that are easy to make, nutritious and the whole family will love. Plus, they are quick and can be made in advance, allowing you to store them up ahead of the trip and pop them out of the fridge or freezer when you need that quick breakfast on the road!

Travel with Heart

Caring for the Coast & Responsible RV’ing

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A coastal road trip is a great way to get away, and a rental RV road trip is the perfect way to explore the coast with all the comforts of home. States like California, Washington and Florida have hundreds of miles of beautiful and diverse coastline. So if you are lucky enough to live near the coast, you don’t have to go far from home to escape to the beach. 

There many fantastic coastal sites to choose from with crashing surf, wide sandy beaches and rocky coastal trails. At this time not all State Parks and campgrounds may be open, so check out the State Park website, or the ocean and coastal parks area on the National Parks Service website to find out which parks and facilities are available. If you are planning on staying in a coastal or beach Park campground, book in advance where possible as options may be limited and reservations are often required.

RV Vacations with Pets

Can you travel with your pet?

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We get it! Your pet is part of your family and when you plan your next RV vacation, you can pack up the treats and leashes and your furry companion can come along and travel in the motor home with you. Interestingly, there are many spots that let pets come along. RV campers who are willing to follow the common-sense rules that they observe with their pets at home should not have any problems taking their animals along on their vacation.


Check out our Pet Friendly RV Vacations page to see some great potential destinations that will welcome your pet.

Fitness on the Road – Staying Fit While RV Camping

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When you are traveling, whether by plane, boat, train or in a car or RV, your personal fitness routine may take a hit. It is important to remember you need to maintain physical fitness when you travel. One thing that is usually easy to do is walking or hiking, almost anywhere you go. Here are several other suggestions from experienced RV campers about how they maintain fitness on the road.

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