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Road School: Yes, You Can Homeschool in an RV

How Can You Homeschool in your RV?

Devote a Dedicated Space for Learning 


One of your first challenges will be devoting a space or being able to transform an area into a temporary classroom setting, having a particular layout or design devoted to learning will increase the overall effectiveness of an on the road education. 

When it comes to an RV, you may not necessarily have the dedicated space you’d like to do this. This is where thinking outside the box and using laptops and tablets may be helpful. 


Maintain a Schedule 


One thing that we as parents know, is that it is important to maintain a regular schedule for your child. When our kids are at a traditional school in a building, they are on a regular schedule, marked by bells between periods and sometimes, moving from one room to another for various classes.  

One tip if you are homeschooling is to make up and post a regular daily schedule—what time is breakfast, lunch, dinner? And work out when your child/children should be studying. From 10-11 in the morning may be reading, 11-12 math and then noon may be a little physical education time before lunch. Then, after lunch and their physical activity, add in some social studies, or science around 2 pm. You can even have a time for creative writing and get the kids to write about their travels and sights they’ve seen on the road. Work it out to get about 4-5 hours of study time in your child’s day, even if some of it is just free-periods to study or read what they like. Post your schedule on the fridge so everyone can see it.  


Make Learning a Fun Experience 


In addition to making and sticking to a schedule, you should try to make learning a priority and make it fun. 

If you recognize that your child is probably in school for somewhere between 7 and 9 hours a day and that about 5-6 hours of that is learning time, you know that learning is a huge activity for children. You should make sure that your child is studying a good part of the day, although 5-6 hours may be a bit more than they can do when RV’ing. As we suggested above, maybe dedicate 4-5 hours of the day to learning and lots of different learning activities. Keep it fun by making games of their study time. Let them use learning apps on the computer if they can. One really good place to learn online for younger kids is ABC Mouse and another is ABCApps, which reviews and selects the best apps for kids of all ages to learn, from tens of thousands of possible apps out there. This can save you a ton of time trying to sort through which apps will really help your child learn and which are just junk. Another that is good for finding learning apps for many age groups is from Scholastic Learn at Home.  And from Kids, there is an entire list of companies who are offering free online learning subscriptions due to school closings.  


Make Your Travels Learning Opportunities 


And of course, if you are traveling, then you have numerous opportunities to plug in history or geography lessons into your day or week. Say you want to visit Gettysburg. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Civil War, and see everything that has been preserved and presented by the National Park Service at the Gettysburg National Military Park. There are even old inns and pubs that date back to the Civil War in the city of Gettysburg, where you can climb down narrow stone steps and sit at old wooden picnic style tables on benches that are probably 150 or more years old! That will give your children such an authentic feel for the life and times that our forefathers lived in eight score and more years ago. Have them study the Gettysburg address, for example, and then see all the actual battlefields where Pickett charged and more soldiers died in 4 days than in all the years of the Vietnam War. This will definitely help your child learn a history lesson here. 


Get Outdoors and Exercise 


Also, be sure to keep the kids active by having frequent breaks to go out and run or walk outside, and do not just have them sit in the RV and read or use their electronic devices. With proper planning, you can even have them or your whole family go out for a bike ride, or play ball or something you can do physically in a park. Exercise is very important to maintaining a healthy body and good outlook so be sure you exercise as well as your kids. Maybe take a break from your travels and stop to go out on a nature walk or play frisbee with your kids. 


Advantages of Homeschooling on the Road 


Homeschooling in an RV does provide a unique set of benefits. Life on the road creates a dynamic and creative learning environment where you can cater to a child’s learning experience. For example, you may decide to do a lesson on geological activity while at Yellowstone National Park or go through the history of the Civil War while at the Gettysburg battle site as we discussed above. Talk about making history come to life! 

This dynamic and hands-on learning style has been shown to be beneficial to a child’s growing mind. The shifting landscape and non-linear learning could keep your child more focused on the task at hand.  


The other advantages of RV homeschooling are some of the same benefits that come with traditional homeschool. Benefits such as educational, physical and emotional freedoms, the ability to operate on your schedule and the ability to make changes should something need to be changed. 


If you decide to go the homeschooling route in your RV, check out this group called Fulltime Families with hundreds of families doing it for lots of tips and advice and articles about full-time RV’ing with your family. 


For just one example of how a homeschooling family travels and learns full-time in their RV, check out the blogs on this site: The Road Schooling Shermans

And, when you are ready to get started on your RV adventures, whether it is for homeschooling or just a vacation, please remember to start your trip by booking a reservation for your RV or motorhome rental with EL MONTE RV. 

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