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RV Vacations with Pets

Can you travel with your pet?

We get it! Your pet is part of your family and when you plan your next RV vacation, you can pack up the treats and leashes and your furry companion can come along and travel in the motor home with you. Interestingly, there are lots of spots that allow pets to come along. RV campers willing to follow the same common-sense rules they observe with their pets at home shouldn’t have a problem including their animals on vacation. Check out our Pet Friendly RV Vacations page to see some great potential destinations that will welcome your pet.























Here are some basic tips for traveling safely with your favorite pet:


1. Make sure your pet is secure when you’re riding in the RV. Don’t just let your animal roam about freely. They could be injured and can also be a distraction for the driver. Keep them in a kennel or secure them with a harness or leash that buckles into the seat belt.


2. Sure, you know your pet needs food and water (and treats - if they’re lucky). But did you remember…

  • Their leash?
  • Their waste pick-up bags?
  • Their litter?
  • Their toys?
  • Their brush?
  • Their crate?
  • That fuzzy sweater they love?

3. Make sure your pet has his or her shots updated and an updated ID. Consider chipping your dog or cat to ensure that in that unthinkable situation when he or she may get lost, you can always retrieve them. Minimally, if chipping doesn’t appeal to you, you should go to your local Wal-Mart or PetSmart, find the pet ID kiosk, type in their name on one side with your name and phone number on the other, print it, attach it to their collar, and voilà! Your pet has his/her own personal ID.


4. Keep your pet’s information with you while you travel. This includes:

  • Vaccination records- many campgrounds may ask to see recent vaccination records and rabies shots.
  • Proof of ownership – Yes, someone could claim your animal was theirs! If you carry proof, this won’t go far.
  • Photographs – keep some cute pictures of your pet on your phone – and consider printing one or two good pictures in case they run away.
  • If your pets have allergies or medical issues bring the paperwork about that too.
  • A first aid kit – not just your standard personal one but one that includes pet items too.


And here are a few other less obvious tips you can use for pet-friendly RV’ing.


1. One of the most common threats to pets in RV’s is heat exhaustion. Please keep your pets safe from power outages and extreme heat by being mindful of the temperature inside your RV.


2. Give your pet some time to get used to the RV before you go. If you can, have them get in the RV and sniff around—keep them on a harness or leash and let them get used to all the smells of the place.


3. No one wants to be cooped up in a car for hours on end, your pets included. Sure, the frequent bathroom break stops are nice, but unless you plan to stay at a rest area for an hour or two to play with your dog (or allow your cat to wander the RV), they’ll wind up being bored out of their minds, too. Being stagnant at a campground is no different. While you’re out exploring new areas, your pets are locked inside of your RV patiently waiting for you to come home to play with them.


4. If you’re traveling with a dog, make it a point to take daily morning and evening (and maybe afternoon) walks. Allow them to explore the area! If they want to sniff that bush ten times, by all means, let them. Keep in mind, if you’ve never taken your pet on a long road trip before, they’ll get really antsy!


5. If the campground you’re staying at is big enough (and the owners don’t mind your dog running around), play fetch for a while! There might even be a dog park you can visit nearby.


Now you’re all set to go out on your pet-friendly adventure, but where’s the RV? You can easily rent one of our RV’s at numerous locations around the US. Check out availability for your travel dates on our Where you can Rent RV’s page.

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