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Seat Belt Laws for RVs

Where are seatbelts in RVs?


RVs have seat belts in some of the same places you see in your car or SUV. The front has two, one for the driver and one for the front passenger. If you look at rent a RV prices and decide on one with captain's chairs, each one of those seats should have one. Most dining areas have lap belts, too.  Find RVs to Rent


Are There Seat Belt Laws for RV Renters?

When you rent an RV for a weekend, keep in mind you need to follow the same laws that owners do. This means you can only have as many people in your RV as you have seat belts. If you have six people in your family, the cheap RVs for rent you consider must have a minimum of six belts.


Keep in mind that the laws vary across states. In some states, only those in the front and passengers who are 16 or younger must wear a belt. Other states require that anyone 14 or younger wear a seat belt. You may find that some places you visit require that anyone in the RV wear a belt when the vehicle is in motion. As you compare rent a RV prices, or look for rental deals, always ensure you have enough belts.


What About Car Seats in RVs?


If you travel with a baby, you might wonder about using car seats in RVs. RV seats usually lack the structure car seats need. You will find different tether options that work better in the rear. These devices keep your baby safe. Some are suitable for older kids who usually need a booster seat, too.

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El Monte RV offers the cheap RVs for rent you want for your next family vacation. Check out all of our rental info to see what you need to know. Compare models to find one with enough space for your group that also lets you follow local seat belt laws and stay safe.

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