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Travel With Heart: Campfire Alternatives | El Monte RV Rentals

Travel With Heart: Campfire Alternatives


It may seem like an irreplaceable part of RV camping, but fires are becoming more and more difficult to keep sustainable in today’s ever-changing world. Wood shortages, rampant forest fires, and severe air pollution are just a few of the negative results of over-burning—not to mention the fact that these consequences make the backcountry less beautiful! Here at El Monte RV, your nationwide affordable RV Rental provider, we believe in keeping the environment pristine so that you can enjoy it along with generations to come—which is why we are promoting these awesome campfire alternatives! Find out how you can have a great time getting together in the evening without any of the fire-danger, carbon footprint, or expensive firewood!



Candle Lanterns


It's true that nothing can replace the ambiance and woodsy vibes of a live flame, which is why we are huge fans of the candle-lantern method. Lighting some candles and pouring a little bit of wine in the backcountry can set the mood for those late night conversations just like a campfire would—except with candles you will have a better view of the stars and less light pollution!


String Lights


Have you ever wanted to play a card game on a camping trip but realized you couldn’t because there was a huge burning pile of wood in between you and your friends or family? With string lights around a table you get all the ambiance of a fire, without any of the smoke and ash of a fire—and you can pour a little whiskey during a game of poker or Texas Holdem! 


Luxury RV Kitchens


Fires can keep you warm, but they have to be constantly burning trees that took decades to grow in order to produce even a small bit of heat. Another alternative to the carbon-wastefulness of campfires is to take the party inside to the kitchenette in your RV rental. El Monte’s variety of RVs for rent include full kitchens with ample seating and space to hang out with friends or family. Whether you relax in the booth seating or play a game on the kitchen table, there is tons of fun to be had inside a warm cozy RV kitchen—and this campfire alternative comes with zero fire hazard! 


Contact El Monte RV today to find a rental RV at one of our nationwide locations. The RV trip of your dreams is just a click away!

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