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Travel with Heart – Ways to save water on your RV road trip.

Travelling in an RV means the freedom and flexibility to get out and explore amazing places, close to home, or off the beaten track. Your RV provides a perfect way to relax and spend time in nature, from stunning coastlines, to tranquil mountain lakes and the rivers that have shaped the landscape, chances are you are likely to be near a waterway.

Water is a precious resource, vital for people and nature and we need to preserve it for future generations. Across the USA many areas experience water stress and are prone to drought conditions, particularly during the hot summer months. A good way to Travel with Heart is to be aware of your impact and take steps to conserve water, from source to sea. 

Seasonal water stress can also be a significant challenge in remote areas and for popular sites that experience high visitor numbers. Find out if there are water conservation issues in the area you are planning to visit, there may be restrictions in place to save water or conservation initiatives focused on improving and protecting water quality. The National Parks Service has some good advice on Conserving Water when spending time enjoying the outdoors this summer.



Visiting beaches and coastal areas, lakes or rivers across the country is always high on the list for a summer adventure in an RV. This summer may National Parks and popular visitor destinations are very busy and some may have some restrictions in place.  It is always a good idea to plan ahead, and if your chosen destination is experiencing high visitor numbers consider choosing other, less well visited locations. The National Parks Service App is a great source of current information to help you plan your trip. 


Water saving in your RV

We can all do our part to save water and reduce our impact on the environment, at home and when we travel. Finding ways to reduce water use is very helpful for your RV adventure, to make this precious resource last and help you enjoy your trip. If you are new to RV travel, being aware of the water capacity in your RV tank is an important learning for all new RV travelers. 

How much water your RV holds, depends on your tank capacity. A good tip is to not to fill your fresh water tank to full when driving long distances unless you really need to, such as if you are staying off-grid where there will not be facilities to fill up your tank on arrival at your destination. If you keep the tank around 1/3 capacity, that is usually enough water to get you where you’re going comfortably and safely. The weight of a full tank of water in your RV can also reduce your fuel economy. Saving water also helps save fuel and money.

These 10 water saving ideas will help you on your RV road trip and also when you are back at home.

  1. Take shorter showers - aim for less than 3 minutes.

  2. Turn the tap off while you wash in the shower to save more water.

  3. Wash dishes, fruit and veggies in a bowl, not under a running tap.  

  4. Never leave the tap running when washing or brushing your teeth. 

  5. Be careful to avoid any spills when re-filling your tanks. 

  6. Find and fix leaks quickly.

  7. Protect all waterways – ensure no trash or waste gets into rivers or streams.

  8. Always use a proper dump station – 

  9. Never waste water, every drop counts!  

  10. Get involved – find ways you can take water saving actions    


Ways to get involved in water conservation

If you are looking to get outdoors and get involved in looking after your local environment there are lots of fun opportunities, from beach and creek clean ups, planting projects to protect rivers and lakes and citizen science projects. International Coastal Clean-Up Day in September is a great opportunity to take part with lots of clean up events looking for volunteers, here is a useful link for Coastal Clean-Up Day activities in California. If you don’t live near the coast taking part in a local neighborhood clean-up is also a great way to help the ocean and the local environment, as around 80% of plastic pollution in our ocean is from land based sources.


Trash in waterways can have a huge impact on water quality and wildlife. Plastic waste in particular is a major challenge globally, plastic often finds its way into waterways then out into the ocean, where it is a threat to marine life.  Making sure all trash is disposed of properly is critical to keeping plastic out of waterways and preventing Ocean plastic pollution. Try to avoid using single use plastic items, remember your reusable cups, bottles, dishes bags and utensils in your RV and be sure to dispose of all trash and recycling properly. 

If you are interested in learning more and getting involved in water conservation initiative a good starting point is to understand the issues facing waterways in your area.  When visiting destinations at the coast, or important wetlands, rivers and lakes see if there are any projects and events taking place where you can learn more about the important function water resources play and the wildlife that depend on healthy water environment. There are lots of actions you can take at home, both indoors and outdoors to help save our Water over the summer. 


We hope these Travel with Heart responsible travel tips and ideas will help you enjoy a more sustainable vacation. If you have more responsible travel ideas or tips we would love to hear them.


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