Pro Football tailgating / tailgating de juegos de la NFL

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Pro Football Tailgating / Tailgating to NFL Games

Pro Football tailgating / tailgating de juegos de la NFL

Para pro los aficionados al fútbol, no hay nada como viajar en estilo a la caza mayor, o la creación de sus propias tradiciones del partido portón trasero. Un RV El Monte hace que sea sencillo y asequible para estar justo en el medio de la acción, en sus propios términos! Queremos ayudarle a conseguir su juego en la que le proporciona la información up-to-the-minute en los próximos juegos de fútbol profesional, así como una guía práctica para la búsqueda de un alquiler de RV cerca por.





Did you buy one of the millions of tickets sold for NFL games last year? No matter how shaky the economy, diehard football fans line up, season after season, to watch their favorite pro football teams compete. And we understand why they do! There’s nothing quite like the excitement when NFL teams hit the field.

Not all of us, though, are lucky enough to live near an NFL stadium. Don’t let that stop you! We can help you view the excitement live at your favorite team’s home ground by helping plan an RV trip to the game. Whether you’re a veteran fan or an NFL newbie, supporting the team in the comfort of an RV is the way to go. With partner RV rental sites across the US, El Monte RV can help you find just the right motorhome at a convenient location.

Why spend your cash on motel rooms when you can save by renting an RV? Find out for yourself why smart football fans take advantage of economical RV rentals. One more money saving tip: if you’ve ever bought food on the road and at the game, you know it can break your budget (and your diet) quickly! Why not cook healthy meals along the way and save your food budget for game day?

And we haven’t even mentioned the tailgating possibilities! Imagine having a complete kitchen to help “wow!” family and friends with special game day recipes. Tailgating is a treat, not a hassle, with your rental RV at the center.

To make your pro football experience perfect, we’ve listed this season’s games below. We’ve also created just the right tools to make your motorhome rental easy. From preseason games to the Super Bowl, El Monte RV knows how to get you there. Pick your game, buy your tickets, and give yourself the first of many NFL adventures. We take the hassle out of being a fan!
NFL Tailgating Information

  • Arizona Cardinals - Tailgating permitted. There are a limited number of oversize parking locations for RV's at the Youth Sports Fields.
  • Atlanta Falcons - Tailgating allowed in all Georgia all Dome flat parking lots. RV Parking is available in the Marshalling Yard for Falcons' games.
  • Baltimore Ravens - Tailgating permitted. Lot J is the oversized vehicle lot for Bus, RV & Camper parking. You need to pre-purchase a parking pass for Lot J.
  • Buffalo Bills - Tailgating is permitted in most stadium parking lots. Oversize vehicle parking in the bus lot.
  • Carolina Panthers - Tailgating permitted. RV Parking available.
  • Chicago Bears - Tailgating permitted in some lots. RVs restricted to 1 lot (31st Street McCormick Place Lot B).
  • Cincinnati Bengals - Tailgating permitted. Nothing specific about RVs on their site.
  • Cleveland Browns - Tailgating allowed in some lots. Limited RV parking.
  • Denver Broncos - Tailgating permitted. RV parking permitted.
  • Detroit Lions - Tailgating is prohibited in parking facilities adjacent to Ford Field. Parking is available at Eastern Market for tailgating and RVs.
  • Dallas Cowboys - Tailgating is permitted in designated tailgating spaces. Parking lot 14 is for RVs and oversized vehicles.
  • Green Bay Packers - Tailgating allowed. No RVs in the Lambeau Field lot. Parking lots close to the field allow RV parking.
  • Houston Texans - Tailgating is permitted. RV Parking is available.
  • Indianapolis Colts - No RV parking at the stadium.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars - Tailgating and RV parking at Tailgaters Parking.
  • Kansas City Chiefs - Tailgating permitted. Bus and RV parking is available in the gravel lot behind Lot N. RVs and motorhomes need to enter the sports complex through gate 6.
  • Los Angeles Chargers - StubHub Center.  RVs are not permitted to tailgate.
  • Los Angeles Rams - LA Memorial Coliseum.  There is no tailgating on the USC Campus or USC Campus Parking Facilities during Los Angeles Rams games.  See this page for additional information.
  • Miami Dolphins - Tailgating is permitted. RV parking available.
  • Minnesota Vikings - There are 3 tailgate lots. RV parking is available on gameday only in the fairgrounds lot in St. Paul.
  • New England Patriots - Tailgating permitted. RV parking available.
  • New York Giants - Tailgating permitted. RV parking available.
  • New York Jets - Tailgating permitted. Contact Client Relations Representative for parking for RVs.
  • New Orleans Saints - Tailgating is not allowed on Louisiana Superdome property and parking facilities. There is no information on the Saints or Superdome sites about RV parking.
  • Oakland Raiders - Tailgating permitted. Oversized vehicles including RVs must have a pre-purchased pass for the oversized vehicle parking lot.
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Tailgating permitted. Oversized vehicle parking available.
  • Pittsburgh Stealers - Tailgating allowed. RVs and campers not allowed in the stadium parking lots.
  • San Francisco 49ers - Tailgating permitted. RV parking in the RV lot.
  • Seattle Seahawks - Tailgating permitted in the North Lot only. Primary RV parking is located in the Centurylink Field North Lot.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tailgating permitted. RV parking permitted in Lots 13, 14.
  • Tennessee Titans - Tailgating permitted. No information about RV parking on the Titans site. Check with the team.
  • Washington Redskins - Tailgating permitted. RV parking in the bus/RV lot.


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