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College Football Tailgating by RV / Motorhome

Escuela de Fútbol chupar rueda por RV / autocaravana

Un RV es una gran manera a la puerta posterior en un evento de fútbol de la universidad!


RV Tailgating / Motorhome Tailgating to

College Football Games


College football really defines us as American sports fans, doesn’t it?  Since 1869, college football fans have been traveling to watch gridiron history. Once the domain of East Coast colleges, football can now be seen at schools large and small across the country. That’s one of the best reasons to plan your next trip to an ‘away game’ around an El Monte RV motorhome rental. 

Another great reason is that the savings you’ll realize will allow you to travel to games throughout the season. Compared to the expense of hotel rooms and fast food, RV travel is still one of the least expensive ways to show your team spirit.

And don’t forget, pulling your RV right up to the stadium puts you front and center for tailgating glory! Pack up the burgers and beans; you’re going to love the convenience of grilling for avid fans from your motorhome.


RV / Motorhome Tailgating at College Football Games


Policies on RV parking and tailgating vary considerably from school to school. Many offer reserved parking for an entire season. This can be a very popular option as some schools where there may be a waiting list to get such a parking pass (LSU for example). Most also offer single game parking passes. Schools vary significantly on whether passes must be pre-purchased or can be purchased first come first served at the lot on game-day.


Many schools allow RV fans to park in the RV lots starting on either Thursday or Friday before a Saturday game, and usually let them stay until some time on Sunday.


As for amenities, they range from nothing more than parking, up to water and electrical hookups. Because of the variation from school to school it is best to consult a particular school's website or call them to fully understand their RV parking policies and procedures. Below is a sample of the RV parking policies at some major colleges and Universities:


Louisiana State University (LSU) - Tigers LSU provides numerous lots for RV parking. They offer both "Season Reserved" parking (there is a waiting list) and single game reserved parking. There is also additional motorhome parking located in Farr Park 2 miles south of the campus. RV lots open at various times on Friday before a home game and close at noon the day following the game. They publish a football fan guide on their website with the latest information.
Notre Dame - Fighting Irish RV parking is located in White Field North near the intersection of Pendle and Juniper Roads. There is a charge for RV parking that includes transportation to and from the lot. Notre Dame does not permit tailgating while the game is taking place, however, they do allow tailgating before and after the game.  There are also many campgrounds near Notre Dame (PDF) for a more extended stay.
Ohio State - Buckeyes Several lots can accommodate RV parking. No RV passes will be sold the day of game and must be purchased in advance. Passes are available for the full season as well as for individual games.
Penn State - Nittany Lions Very RV tailgating friendly. Overnight RV parking in lots 19 and 20 can start as early as Thursday after 6:00 PM (see Overnight RV Parking). There is a charge for RV parking.
Texas A&M - Aggies Texas A&M offers several lots for motorhome parking. Access is from 2:00 PM the Friday before home games to 2:00 PM Sunday. Two of the lots have electrical and water hookups as well as a dump station. To learn more see: RV Parking (PDF).
University of Alabama - Crimson Tide Offers both reserved and non-reserved RV Parking. RV lots open at 6:00 PM on Friday before home games. For information on reserved spaces call 205-348-6113. For information on the Northington RV Lot (no reservations required) call 205-262-2811.
University of Florida - Gators Overnight RV Parking is allowed in Lot 9. See Football Parking.
University of Michigan - Wolverines RV Parking is available in 3 lots (Pioneer High School, Brown Lot, and the Blue Lot). Some of the lots will accept RV patrons on game-day Fridays after 10:00 PM and allow stays until noon on Sunday. There is some non-reserved first come first served RV parking. There are fees for all RV parking.
University of Mississippi - Ole Miss RV Parking is available both with and without hookups. See Ole Miss Gameday Parking.
University of Oklahoma - Sooners The University of Oklahoma offers season passes and single-game passes for RV parking at Sooner football games. Spaces are available both with and without electrical hookups. RV fans can come in on Friday and leave on Sunday. To learn more see: RV Parking.
University of Southern California (USC) - Trojans One lot (Lot 2) is available for RV parking on a first come first served basis. The Lot opens at Noon on the Friday before a home game. Passes can be purchased at the gate.
University of Texas - Longhorns There are three lots available for RV parking. 2 are reserved for season permit holders and only available on a single game basis after season permits are issued if there is space available. These lots have electrical hook-ups. Access begins after 8:00 PM on Thursdays before a home game and lasts through 6:00 PM on Sunday. An additional lot is available for RV parking on a game-by-game basis. Reservations must be made. This lot has no hook-ups.



College Football Schedule


The 2018 season is over and we'll list the 2019 NCAA season schedule below as it becomes available. 


Check out ESPN.COM for game information, then check our handy map to find a rental location close by.

Don’t miss another game because it’s too far way—let El Monte RV put you on the road in a sports fan’s home away from home!


It's never too early to make plans for your tailgate party, and reserve your motorhome!  Hurry before we book out!



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