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Please note: Our call centre is experiencing a larger than normal volume of calls at the moment so there may be some delay in answering your call. New bookings can be made using our website.

Rent with El Monte RV

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Back by popular demand our extremely limited Factory Special deal is back! Get ready to hit the open road for as little as $1/day in a fresh off the factory floor RV!


If you're looking for great one-way deals check out our incredible one-way deals here


 Available Destinations


  • Pick up between February 27 – March 3, 2023, and drop off at any of the following locations:
    • Denver, CO
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • New York
    • Seattle, WA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Orlando, FL


We're releasing inventory of our brand-new factory-fresh RVs and want to share incredible savings with you! 

Right now you can book a brand-new, factory-fresh RV for as little as $1/DAY!

That's right! Starting at just $1/day you can be on your way on the open road in a brand new RV. 




Brand New Motorhomes! You’ll pick up a brand-new motorhome fresh from the factory. Direct off the factory floor, and ready for your adventure, these motorhomes come complete with all-new interiors, new appliances, and that new RV smell.

RVs Available Booking an El Monte RV or Road Bear RV Factory Special RV means that you will get the very latest, newest RV on the road. And while we can’t guarantee a specific RV size, we can promise that the RV will be completely new and fresh off the factory floor.


Class C and Class A RV sizes will be between 22’ and 35’ and can accommodate up to five people maximum.


RV types are "run of fleet" which means specific RVs will be assigned at pick-up based on availability. 


Includes 2000 Free Miles


50 Years of Experience


We know what it takes to have a great RV vacation. When you rent an RV from El Monte RV, you’ll experience the fun and freedom you only get by traveling by RV plus save BIG!


New Motor Homes! Motor homes are brand new and factory direct.

Experts With experience of over 50 years, you can be sure that you’re renting from RV experts.

7 Drop Off Locations Available! 

Roadside Assistance You’re never alone on the road. Our roadside assistance is available to help with any questions you may have during your vacation.

When does the bus transfer leave?

No transfer offered

Pick up

Forest River - Factory

914 County Road 1, Elkhart, IN 46514

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Updated on Thu, 24 Mar 2022


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