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Birding / Bird Watching

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RV Vacations for Bird Lovers

Birding / Bird Watching RV Vacations

Combining a bird watching trip with an RV vacation can end up being the vacation of a lifetime. Rather than taking off with nothing more in mind than wandering the forest paths or lazing on a beach, a bird watching vacation has a special purpose and can make wonderful memories. It’s great to get out into the forests, rugged terrain and lush valleys of our beautiful country. And getting there by RV is the ideal and convenient way to travel.




Birding is a recreational activity that opens a person to a whole new world. Some call themselves birders and some refer to themselves as bird watchers. The difference is that bird watchers may have a more limited scope than those who are true birders. A birder seriously pursues bird watching as a hobby or sport, while “bird watcher” usually describes someone who watches birds for fun but may not have any specific reason for doing so. Whichever you are, taking off on an RV vacation to enjoy seeing a wide range of birds all over the U.S. definitely provides you with many great adventures.


So many spots across America cater to bird watchers of all kinds, and vacation destinations abound. There are many RV parks situated close to trails from which to observe numerous species of birds.


Bird Watching Vacation Destinations


When you add birding to a vacation itinerary, you are in for a real treat. You can get serious about birding and start building a list of all the various kinds of birds you see in your travels. There are many popular places to go and some of these include parks with varied landscaping, riverside trails and walks as well as beaches and mountain areas. One fabulous place along the seacoast with islands that can be reached by boat is the state of Maine. Here you can explore the rocky capes and lovely protected bays and see juncos, cedar waxwings and black-capped chickadees.


Large cities have their share of places for birding. For instance, Central Park in New York City holds more than seventy species. National Parks are also a good choice. Everglades National Park in Florida is an amazing birding paradise with abundant waterfowl such as egrets and herons. See numerous wading birds, as well as bald eagles, woodpeckers and owls. Then further west you’ll find Yosemite National Park. The Sierra Nevada Mountains offer unusual birds that are a wonder to see, such as the pine grosbeak and the calliope hummingbird.


Equipment for Birders on RV Camping Excursions


If you want to really get involved in the birding world, you should ensure you take the right equipment with you on birding expeditions. Here is a list of the most common equipment used by birders:


·         Binoculars

·         Spotting scopes with tripods

·         Birding journals or notebooks

·         Field guides

·         Recording devices

·         Cameras with super-telephoto lenses

·         Digital video cameras


RV Camping and Birding


There are RV parks all around the country where you will find birding is a number one activity. A very popular spot is AmeriCana Birding Center RV Resort in Mission, Texas. This park is in close proximity to the World Birding Center and gives you a lovely country setting where you can relax and enjoy the nearby attractions at your leisure. In Idaho you’ll find the Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground offers many bird watching opportunities with miles and miles of birding trails nearby. Catch glimpses of American goldfinches, belted kingfishers and brown headed cowbirds. The Castaways RV Resort and Campground in Ocean City, Maryland will find you walking the beaches and picking out many local species of beautiful birds.


Birding Articles


Discover unique RV vacation destinations that have excellent birding opportunities by checking out some of the articles included in Monty’s Musings blog.  


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Birding Resources


All About Birds

Audubon Society

American Birding Association

Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching

Bird Sounds

Celebrate Urban Birds

Sibley Guides

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

The Complete Guide to Bird Watching



List of Bird Organizations


Great RV Camping Spots for Birding


When looking for places to go in your RV, there are many choices. You will find RV camping and birding in all corners of this great country of ours. 


1. Breezy Hill Campground is located in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and attracts outdoor lovers from all over. Besides hiking the trails and watching birds, you can swim or fish in the lake.

2. Paul’s RV Park in Brownsville, Texas is right on migration paths and gives you easy access to four bird sanctuaries and the World Birding Center in Resaca de la Palma. 

3. Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Arizona has RV camping with easy access to trails where you can find plenty of bird life. Try the Forest Loop or Canopy Trails for some of the best birding.

4. Whispering Hills RV Park in Ohio is situated in Amish country and not only has picturesque views but also gives you the opportunity to add to your list of bird sightings.

5. Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina provides RV camping and will find you out in nature at every chance. The freshwater and tidal salt marshes provide a wide sampling of so many of our feathered friends.


An RV vacation that is devoted to birding and nature can be an adventure like you have never experienced before.  El Monte RV Rentals will assist you in picking out the perfect RV for your trip.



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