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Glamis RV rentals

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Glamis RV Rentals for Glamis Camping

Glamis RV rental fun

Known as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, these rolling dunes act as a playground for off-roaders. Get in on the Glamis camping fun!


Glamis Camping Fun - ISDRA


Located in the southeast corner of California, the Imperial Sand Dunes are the largest mass of sand dunes in the state. The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, (ISDRA) geographically known as the Algodones Dunes are located 160 miles east of San Diego and 220 miles west of Phoenix. The recreation area is split up into two sections, North and South. While popular Glamis is situated in the North, RV’ers can find a similar experience in the Southern section in Buttercup and Dune Buggy Flats. Each area has options for RV camping and putting around the dunes.


The area is known as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and often times for its role in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. The rolling dunes act as a playground for off-roaders. Visitors bring everything from ATV’s and dune buggies to funky, one-of-a-kind contraptions.


Formed by the windblown sands of ancient Lake Cahuilla, the dune system extends for more than 40 miles in a band averaging 5 miles wide. Dunes often reach heights of 300 feet above the desert floor, providing outstanding opportunities for recreation. A favorite place for off-highway vehicle (OHV) sports, the dunes also offer fabulous scenery, opportunities for solitude, and a home to rare plants and animals.


RV Vacations to Glamis


With most of the off-road action taking place in the recreation area south of Highway 78, many open areas allow all types of vehicle recreation. Limited areas surrounding the dunes require vehicles to travel on designated routes. Closed areas prohibit motorized vehicle use entirely. Information and maps for all of these areas are available at the ranger stations.


The North Algodones Dunes Wilderness offers a tranquil alternative to the fast-paced action of the main dunes. This wilderness encompasses more than 26,000 acres, with the largest and tallest dunes located in the central area. Visitors are welcome to walk or ride horses in this remote area. The wilderness is closed to all vehicles and mechanized use. 



Fees and Permits


Note: A permit is required at all times from October 1 through April 15 each year. Permits are sold on a per primary vehicle basis (any street-legal vehicle used for transportation to the recreation site). Permits are available as either season passes or weekly passes (valid for seven days). While you can purchase permits when you get to the dunes (on site season passes are $150 and weekly passes are $50) lines can get pretty long, so it’s highly suggested to purchase a Glamis pass at one of the participating outside vendors or at BLM’s website before you go. You can not only save time but money on weekly passes (off site passes: Season $150, weekly $35).


RV Camping Nearby:


Dry camping is a big part of the Glamis experience, so prepare in advance by keeping an eye on your water supply, generator, and other boondocking necessities. Be aware, the big crowds and desert toys generate lots of noise, so this isn’t quiet camping. However, your generator can be used without worry. Be ready to socialize, as many “duners” are friendly and community is a key part of the experience.


Here are a few of the most popular places to camp:

  1. Two BLM Glamis campgrounds along paved Gecko Road provide hard surface parking, vault toilets, and trash facilities. The Cahuilla Ranger Station, located on Gecko Road, is open weekends during the winter season (October-May). Other portions of the Imperial Sand Dunes include Mammoth Wash (north of Algodones Dunes Wilderness) and Buttercup Valley (south of Interstate 8). To find out more, click here.
  2. There is also a Glamis North KOA campground, closed during the summer.
  3. Historical Gold Rock Ranch is a full service RV Resort, Campground & Mobile Home Oasis in the Southern California Desert - located just 12 miles west of Yuma on I-8, then north on S-34 (Ogilby Road) just 9 miles then left on Gold Rock Ranch Road for 1 1/2 miles.


Things to do at Glamis – ISDRA


Camping, hill climbing, exploring, sand drag racing, partying, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing are just a few of the things to do at Glamis.


The high times for camping at Glamis are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas break and New Year’s. Note: all the times when you and your family have time off from work and school.


Where to find more Information and get Permits


More information is available at the BLM’s Imperial Sand Dunes website, complete with a map of the entire area. It also includes contact information and exact directions.  You can also buy your weekly or season permits online by clicking here.



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