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Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

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RV Rentals for Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park RV Vacations

Tour this network of unique and inspirational underground wonders that boast more than 285 miles of passageways!



Many tourists arrive at Mammoth Cave National Park just thinking they will see one large cave with perhaps some interesting geological formations. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This national park offers an extensive cave system with more than 285 miles of passageways. Visitors will also find unique and inspirational places within the park’s 52,800 acres that will amaze every member of the family every step of the way. What a perfect RV vacation!


Since 1816, people have come to Mammoth Cave and had the opportunity to tour this network of underground wonders. But these visitors had to travel long and hard to get there. Not so today. The best way to come to this amazing park is to fly into Louisville, Kentucky, pick up a rental motorhome at El Monte RV Rentals and experience the park in style. 


RV Camping and Fees


No searching for hotels and no eating fast foods on the run. With an RV rental, you’ll have everything you need right at hand. You can cook the types of meals you prefer any time you like. RV camping at Mammoth Cave is wonderful. At Mammoth Cave Campground the cost is only $17.00 a night. If you are a senior, you only pay $8.50 per night. Although there are no RV hookups, you will have toilets and showers available as well as a coin laundry and dump station.


From mid-May to mid-September, you will need to call ahead for reservations. The campground is closed from the 1st of December to the end of February.


Your First Trip to Mammoth Cave National Park

Certainly a grand place, Mammoth Cave has been fascinating visitors for decades. This network of natural caves offers much to be explored – with many passages that are home to varied flora and fauna. The vastness of it all led to the appropriate name of “Mammoth.”


Cave tours are, of course, a favorite. The vertical shafts, limestone formations, gigantic chambers and other amazing natural features should not be missed. The stalactites and stalagmites will constantly get mixed up, and you will find it sometimes hard to remember that the stalactites are the ones that hang down while the stalagmites point up.


Once you have viewed all the intricacies of the cave, realize that there is a wide array of outdoor recreation available here. Enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and more. With many special places within the park’s boundaries to visit, you will find incredible views of forests, rolling hills and cool rivers.


In 1941, this area was declared a national park, and later the Green River was designated a Wild and Scenic River. The park was made a World Heritage site in 1981. As you explore, you will come to know the Mammoth Cave National Park as more than just a place to get underground tours but also a place to bring the family for a variety of activities and fun on an RV vacation.


Things to Do in the Park

Besides just traditional outdoor sports, there are also some interesting and different activities. Try each activity listed below to fill your vacation with fun.

Biking: Bring a street bike or a mountain bike. You can ride the street bike on the paved paths and the mountain bike on any unpaved administrative road. The designated off-road trails you will enjoy:

  • ·       The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike Trail - 9 miles
  • ·       White Oak Trail - 2.47 miles

Hiking: There is a long list of trails within Mammoth Cave National Park, and they range from many under a mile long to six or eight miles long. The longest trail is the Sal Hollow Trail, beginning at the Maple Springs Trailhead.

Fishing: Spring and summer are the best times to fish in the park, and the Green and Nolin Rivers will yield a wealth of fish, such as catfish, perch, bluegill and bass. When fishing in the park you don’t need a state fishing license.

Canoeing: Wildlife watching takes on new meaning from a canoe. Paddle the rivers and relax. There is really no better way to see the park and the wildlife foraging on the banks.
Ride the Ferries: Two rural ferries are available to cross the Green River. There aren’t many ferries like this in the United States, so you should take advantage of this opportunity to ride one.

Visit Unique Spots: A wide variety of unusual sights await you in this park. Make your way to Turnhole Bend where riverboat pilots used to turn around in this narrow river. The Green River Bluffs Overlook gives you a panoramic view of the Green River valley. Get a list of the best places to go at the park’s Visitor Center.


Where to Find More Information


Visit the Mammoth Cave National Park website for all the information you’ll need for your visit to the park. To find out any and all restrictions on fishing, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife website and download the Sport Fishing Guide. You can also get one at the Visitor Center in the park. For a full list of hiking trails, go to the Mammoth Cave National Park trails page where all are listed.


You may want to visit surrounding communities, and here are links to the Chamber of Commerce websites for two of the closest towns where you can learn more about Kentucky hospitality.


Cave City Chamber of Commerce

Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce


El Monte RV Locations near Mammoth Cave National Park


After you land at Louisville International Airport (SDF), you will want to make your way to Louisville El Monte RV in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Mammoth Cave National Park is only an hour further south and you will arrive all ready to settle in and enjoy the park. Call us today at (888) 337-2214 so you can reserve the best RV rental for your special trip.



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