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Renaissance Fairs

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RV Rentals for Renaissance Fairs

Renaissance Fairs - RV Activities

Once the playground of historical re-enactors, America's Renaissance Fairs have evolved into huge, multi-week events that play host to thousands of visitors each season. To help you plan your next RV vacation, we've pulled together our picks for the Top Ten US Renaissance Fairs:

RV VACATIONS TO Renaissance Fairs


1. New York Renaissance Faire: Just half an hour north of New York City, enter a world of magical entertainment in Tuxedo Park, New York. Each August and September, hundreds of actors invade Sterling Forest on Saturdays and Sundays to recreate a Renaissance world. Visitors are treated to feasting, jousting and frivolity in a beautiful outdoor setting. Pick up your RV at our El Monte RV Rentals location in Linden, NJ and get ready for plenty of Old World excitement.

2. Northern California Renaissance Faire: About an hour east of our Santa Cruz El Monte RV Rentals office near the town of Hollister, the mythical village of Willington is recreated each September and October. Troupes of musicians, dramatic players and magicians entertain Faire visitors each weekend. Enjoy the Celtic Rock Concert Series in the evening after a day filled with treats for all five senses. You’ll definitely plan to return once you’ve experienced this Renaissance Faire.


3. Maryland Renaissance Festival: Travel by RV to Annapolis, Maryland any weekend from late August through October and discover the magic of the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Spread over twenty-five acres of rolling forestland, the Festival has grown since 1977 into a venue visited by fifteen thousand visitors a day! Our South Baltimore El Monte RV Rentals office is conveniently close and has the perfect RV rental for your trip.


4. Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Irwindale, CA: Just down the road from our El Monte, California location you’ll find a sixteenth century village full of fun! The annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire is held weekends in April and May at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area. Pirates, gypsy camps and dance corps fill the air with medieval magic at one of our favorite Renaissance Faires!


5. Colorado Renaissance Festival: Get thee to our El Monte RV Rentals location in Denver to collect your rental motorhome, and hasten down the road to Larkspur, Colorado. Just thirty minutes outside Denver, Larkspur hosts the annual Colorado Renaissance Festival every June and July. This weekend Festival features seven stages full of fun and frivolity. Abundant music, food, and talented artisans are only three of the reasons thousands return to Colorado every year for Renaissance fun.


6. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire: Mount Hope Winery in Manheim, PA is home to almost year-round entertainment, the most spectacular being the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire every August to October. This historic thirty-two acre estate becomes a sixteenth century village filled with lords and ladies, minstrels and musicians, and lots of family-friendly fun. The Kingston, PA El Monte RV Rentals office is a very scenic two hour drive away, making it the perfect place to reserve your RV for the trip.


7. Georgia Renaissance Faire: Just south of Atlanta, discover a medieval wonderland called the Georgia Renaissance Faire, held eight weekends each April to June. With more than one thousand costumed players roaming the grounds of the Faire to entertain you, you won’t know where to turn next!


8. Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Just south of Dallas in Waxahachie, TX, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival runs mid April through May and boasts the Highland Games, May Day celebrations and the court of Henry VIII! Hundreds of artisans, swordsmen and medieval players make this an authentic Renaissance experience for your entire family. Our Dallas, TX El Monte RV Rentals location is a very short drive away, making it easy to collect your RV rental and head for the Festival!


9. Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire: Two weekends in May, jousters, magicians and puppeteers are just part of the magic to be found at the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire. Just twenty-five minutes north of Salt Lake City in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah, this mystical Faire features marvelous food, hard-hitting jousting matches and more magic than you can shake a sword at! Stop off at our Salt Lake City El Monte RV Rentals office, pick up your luxurious motorhome and get ready to thoroughly enjoy your weekend!


10. Bristol Renaissance Faire: Just sixty miles north of our Chicago El Monte RV Rentals location, the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin is home to the fabulous Bristol Renaissance Faire. On weekends from mid-July through September this thirty-acre woodland becomes the village of Bristol in the year 1574. Interact with Robin Hood, Queen Elizabeth and hundreds of performers as they weave their medieval spell on you and your RV camping troupe.


Ready to enter the world of fooles, faeries and fantasy? Choose your favorites from our list and let us know how we can help you plan your trip. Call our reservation line at 1-888-337-2214 or use the links above for the closest El Monte RV Rentals office. It’s definitely time to treat yourself to the Faire!

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