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America's Great Lakes

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RV Activities: Ten Awesome Lakes in America for RV Camping

RV Activities: Ten Awesome Lakes in America for RV Camping

There are thousands of lakes in the U.S. that make perfect destinations for RV camping trips. Everyone should have the chance to combine fishing, boating, hiking or just sitting in a lawn chair by a beautiful lake with comfortable RV camping. Here’s our list of just some of the best lakes in America for RV campers.

RV Vacations to America's Awesome Lakes


1. Shasta Lake (California): Near the Oregon border in Northern California, Shasta Lake is the largest reservoir in the state. Whether you’re into boating, wake-boarding, swimming or hiking, Shasta Lake is the place to be on a California RV trip. Picturesque RV campsites near the bright blue waters of Shasta Lake are just the beginning of your ultimate lake experience.


2. Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada): This legendary lake has become a favorite destination for RV travelers. Not only does it offer every outdoor activity conceivable, it’s also just plain gorgeous! The sight of the pure blue waters of Tahoe, nestled within pine-studded granite peaks, will take your breath away. Plan to camp at Tahoe for a long time and get ready to play in a stunning outdoor wonderland.


3. Lake George (New York): A trip to upstate New York isn’t complete without a stay in one of the RV campgrounds at Lake George. Surrounded by the beauty of the Adirondacks, there’s no end to the outdoor adventures possible here. Come to fish, hike, or photograph the scenery; these are just a few of the things you’ll find to do in the pristine forests surrounding Lake George.


4. Lake Dillon (Colorado): Located at 9,000 feet elevation in the Colorado Rockies, Lake Dillon is a favorite with RV campers, thanks to easy access to a world-class marina, shopping venues and countless recreational possibilities. The stunning views Lake Dillon offers will have your camera permanently clicking.


5. Lake Buchanan (Texas): Like the Highland Lakes of Central Texas? You will, if you love wide open spaces, great boating, fishing and camping venues and the big, blue sky over Texas! Enjoy the Lone Star State like never before with an RV camping trip to Lake Buchanan, the largest of the Highland Lakes.


6. Lake Lanier (Georgia): Within view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia’s Lake Lanier draws RV camping enthusiasts from all over with its bright blue waters, clean beaches and excellent fishing prospects. Just northeast of Atlanta, Lake Lanier’s Army Corps of Engineer run campgrounds are almost all right on the water. This is the perfect place to spend a week in the Southeast!


7. Great Salt Lake (Utah): You may not have thought of the Great Salt Lake when you started considering RV lake camping. But with thousands of miles of shoreline, this lake has become an RV camping hub. We recommend camping on Antelope Island, where herds of bison and antelope are just two of the reasons wildlife photographers flock here. Another recommended Great Salt Lake adventure? Try kayaking along the shoreline for views most tourists miss.


8. Lake of the Woods (Minnesota): The bright blue international waters of Lake of the Woods, crossing over the US/Canadian border from Minnesota, have been dubbed the “Walleye Capital of the World.” The fishermen in your RV camping group will go wild when they fish these waters, and there are plenty of well-designed campgrounds nestled in the forests around the lake.


9. Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri): If some RV campers in your family just aren’t sure about spending a week tucked away at a lake, you simply must introduce them to Lake of the Ozarks. Not only does this huge lake feature great boating, fishing and camping venues, it’s a stone’s throw away from sumptuous spas, great shopping and a beautiful state park to explore! It’s never boring to park your RV at Lake of the Ozarks, so start planning your trip to central Missouri now.


10. Lake Powell (Arizona/Utah): Winding for more than one hundred eighty miles through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. Hike or canoe the canyons, visit Rainbow Bridge and, above all, relax in the beauty of Lake Powell’s RV campgrounds.


That’s our list, but there are so many more fantastic American lakes! We’ll explore the Great Lakes, the lakes of the Pacific Northwest, and the picturesque lakes of New England another time. For now, get started planning this year’s RV lake camping vacation. There’s so much to experience at America’s very best lakes!



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