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Hiking Adventures for your RV Rental Vacation

RV Camping Hiking Adventures

Hiking is a great way to see our natural world, and it is a particularly rewarding opportunity to experience the beauty of scenic lakes, rivers and mountains. Any time is the perfect time to take a hiking trip by RV!



There is nothing that compares to the convenience of having an RV motorhome in which to relax in the evening after a full day of trekking in the wilderness.


Hiking is not only fun but it is good for you too! This is one outdoor activity which has proven to increase overall health and fitness. Walking is also less stressful on the body because it is a low impact sport. Hiking can reduce the risk of many diseases and relieve symptoms of anxiety. No wonder thousands go hiking regularly!  


Of course, before you start out on any strenuous hikes, you must be in good physical condition. You should have the proper equipment so your hiking experience is a happy one. Some of the gear you’ll need will be a day pack or backpack, sleeping bag (for overnight hikes), boots, clothes appropriate to your destination, and plenty of water and food. Jerky, cheeses, protein bars, bagels, and dried fruit are a start. Freeze-dried dinners and desserts are good to take along. Just pack all this gear in your RV before you leave home and you’ll be set!


The adventures you’ll have when hiking through pristine forests, around sparkling lakes, or across desert sands will provide more pleasure than many other outdoor sports. Outdoor lovers will find a unique satisfaction in hiking throughout our American landscapes, any time of year!


Types of Hiking


Decide on the type of hiking you will do on this RV vacation. You can pick your destination accordingly. Day hiking is a hike that can be completed in a single day and is very popular at many vacation spots. Backpacking is generally considered a multi-day hike, usually a strenuous one and often in a mountainous area. Scrambling is rock climbing but usually "non-technical" climbing or mountaineering. Dog hiking is hiking with…you guessed it! Dogs! Waterfalling is hiking with the purpose of discovering and climbing up waterfalls.


Types of Hiking Trails


Hiking trails range from easy to extreme. It is important to know the type of trail you are taking. An easy trail is good for kids and the elderly, and the trails are usually in very good condition, fairly level and without much of an elevation gain. Easy trails are often paved. Moderate trails are for those in good physical condition and they commonly have some moderate elevation gain. The trails are in good condition. Difficult trails will be challenging, with rough conditions. They require someone in excellent physical condition. For extreme hiking, a person must be in exceptional physical condition, should ensure the trails are available at the time of year attempted, and be ready for an extreme elevation gain.


RV Camping and Hiking


There are many RV parks throughout the U.S. which have direct access to hiking trails, where you can walk out of your motorhome and take off on an adventure. State Parks often have trails leaving from the campgrounds or very close by. In Tucson, Arizona, you can find miles of hiking trails right near Desert Trails RV Park. The park personnel will even provide you with a map for trails that go further into the Saguaro National Park. In Idaho, you can get out into the wilderness directly from Wagonhammer and RV Park and Campgrounds. Hike through Wagonhammer Springs Canyon or take to the same trails that Lewis and Clark walked as they explored the beauty of Thompson Gulch. These are just a couple of hundreds of RV camping spots across the country that cater to hikers.


Less expensive than hotels or motels and more convenient than tent camping, an RV hiking vacation is sure to please. After a long day of climbing over rocks, walking canyon rims or following streams through the forest, you can sit together with family or friends and relive all the adventures of the day.


Hiking Articles


In our Monty's Musings blog, browse the many articles on destinations where travelers can combine RV travel and hiking. Some of the articles that highlight vacation spots where premiere hiking is available are:


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Hiking Resources


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Great RV Hiking Spots


No matter your preference – hiking in the mountains, through the desert or in lake-dotted forests, you will find RV camping that will give you the chance to take to the trails and explore nature. Let’s look at some RV camping grounds in different sections of the United States, just for a taste of what is available.

1. Fernwood Resort – Big Sur, California: Tucked in a lovely redwood forest, this campground not only gives you direct access to hiking trails in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, but also will have you out playing in the river, tossing horseshoes on a summer evening and hitting a volleyball on their volleyball court.

2. Eighth Lake Campground – Inlet, New York: Camp on the lake and hike on well-maintained trails right next to the campground with more nearby. They also have boat and canoe rentals, a sandy beach and swimming area. Fish for trout right outside your door or simply walk next door to fish for salmon in special ponds just for that purpose. You can get in a lot of different activities here.

3. South-Forty RV Park – Marysvale, Utah: With 75 RV spots, you are sure to find the perfect one for you. You are in Paiute country with the Paiute ATV Trail running along the back of the property. This is not just for ATVs. You can hike here too! Free wireless Internet keeps you connected with the world.

4. Timberline RV Resort – Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota: With hiking and biking trails easily accessed, RV campers can get out and get some exercise. There is even a river where you can take a dip after a hot day of exploring the pine forests. Folks love tubing Moose Horn River or throwing a line in to see what they can catch. Discover berry picking at its finest!

5. Ellie Ray’s RV Resort – Branford, Florida: Taking a quiet hike along the nature trails surrounding the park is a pastime anyone would enjoy. The Santa Fe River is a scenic beauty. Tons of wildlife around too, and you’ll spot deer, turkeys and turtles.

6. Rio Grande Village RV Campground – Big Bend National Park, Texas: In Big Bend National Park you’ll have a choice of hiking landscapes. Hike the desert, mountains or rivers. With 150 miles of trails, you won’t soon run out of places to explore. The level of difficulty of the trails varies from easy to difficult.


So break out hiking gear and take an RV trip to some of the best spots for hiking in the most beautiful and diverse landscapes of America. You wake up after a comfortable night and will be ready to hit the trail and find out what this country is all about. El Monte RV Rentals can help you find the ideal RV rental for your hiking trip.



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