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Glacier National Park. MT

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Glacier National Park

RV Rentals for Glacier National Park

Wake up to the incredible vistas of towering mountain ranges at Glacier National Park.

RV Vacations to Glacier National Park


An RV trip to Glacier National Park is one that will stay in memory for years to come. Experiencing the majestic mountains, the wooded slopes and the pristine lakes opens up a whole new view of our planet Earth. RV vacationers find a paradise of outdoor adventures that allow them to soak up the sun, stretch their weary muscles and breathe that fresh alpine air.


The ideal trip would be to pick up your motorhome rental in Ferndale, Washington from El Monte RV and drive across the Idaho panhandle on Interstate 90, turning north to the park. The scenery along the way will take your breath away.


RV Camping in Glacier National Park


Wake up to an incredible vista with the towering mountain ranges glowing in the sunrise. There are a number of campgrounds in the park which are for primitive camping or where RVs are not recommended, however, there are seven wonderful campgrounds where RVs are welcome.


Your choice of RV campgrounds depends on the size of your RV rental.  Rising Sun takes RVs up to 25 feet, Avalanche Campground up to 26 feet long and Two Medicine up to 32 feet. Fish Creek, St. Mary Lake and Many Glacier Campgrounds all accept RV motorhomes up to 35 feet. Apgar has twenty-five spaces that will take RVs up to 40 feet long.


Your First Visit to Glacier National Park


On your first trip to Glacier, it is the awe-inspiring beauty of these mighty peaks that almost overwhelms you. The second most thrilling thing is getting a taste of the wildlife that live within the park. With such a wide variety of animals, you will get time to appreciate them from every angle. Watch mountain goats scale the rocky cliffs and slopes, see gray wolves slink through the forest and observe the gigantic horns of a moose feeding in a meadow. You may catch glimpses of bears, bison and elk. Keep your eyes open at all times!


Be prepared for many different climates within the park when you arrive. It means that you should be ready with layers of clothes so you can remove some as the temperature increases. And you can add on layers when the sun goes down or you move to higher elevations. But no matter the temperature, the air quality is amazing and with not very much precipitation to mar your travels.


Discover the beauty of twenty-seven different glaciers in the park. Other features include cirques or bowls that were carved as glaciers moved, hanging valleys made by small glaciers near the tops of mountains, and moraines which are deposits of debris and rocks that glaciers carried along and left in piles.


Glacier National Park is surrounded with fascinating communities, too. You may want to visit some and meet some friendly folk. The early settlers of the park were the Shoshone, Salish, Flathead and Cheyenne tribes. You can still pick up on the history of these Native Americans and get a true flavor of the history of our country.


Things to Do While in Glacier National Park


The great thing about Glacier National Park is that you can park your RV and take a shuttle along Going-to-the-Sun Road, stopping whenever you get the urge to hike or take a boat tour on one of the lakes. Here are some natural attractions you won’t want to miss:


  • Chief Mountain: This is an amazing place to hike with awesome views. Some of the trails can be strenuous to the top, but if you are up to it, go for it!
  • Many Glacier: This is considered the heart of the park by many. Wildlife is abundant here and you can see huge mountains and sparkling lakes. Get an up-close-and-personal view of some glaciers.
  • Logan Pass: At this, the highest elevation in the entire park, you will want your camera handy as you will see meadows alive with wildflowers and plenty of animals such as bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Sometimes you will be lucky and catch sight of a grizzly bear.
  • Lake McDonald: This is the largest lake in the park and offers spectacular views and lots of hiking trails. The best day hikes are Avalanche Lake trail and Trail of the Cedars. The lake itself is a beauty, ten miles long and almost 500 feet deep.
  • The Garden Wall: Here is where you will find blooming wildflowers in colorful array – hence the name, of course. This area separates two valleys, Lake McDonald Valley and Many Glacier Valley.
  • Mount Oberlin: This is a perfect example of a hanging valley with a lovely cascading waterfall. A great place to do an easy climb!

Where to Find More Information


The Glacier National Park website will provide detailed information about the park and all the activities available. When you wish to get more details to pick a campground in the park, you’ll find full information on the Glacier National Park campgrounds page.


You can find out all you need to know about Going-to-the-Sun Road and conditions traveling through the park at the National Park Service’s Going-to-the-Sun Road Information page.




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