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RV Vacation Idea:  Hunting Trips

RV Vacations for Hunters

When hunting season arrives, it's time to get out there and enjoy it. The forests and plains are teaming with a wide variety of game just waiting to challenge your skills. Grab your rifle, shotgun or archery equipment, your fellow hunting buddies and hit the road. It’s the perfect time for a hunting trip in an RV motorhome.



Hunting is extremely popular in the United States. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that an estimated 21.8 million Americans hunted at least once of the past five years. Hunting can be done with a gun or long bow. You can hunt big game or game birds for recreation or for food.  It’s a sport that has attracted outdoorsmen in quantity. 


Where to go Hunting


You’ll find hundreds of hunting spots in America’s National Parks and in the backcountry in many U.S. states. Hunting is also permitted on 60 percent of U.S. wildlife refuges. Of course, there are regulations in each state, usually varying widely from state to state. These rules and regulations govern the seasons when hunting is permitted, which areas you can enter and the methods of killing certain game animals.


Before you leave on your RV hunting trip, it is wise to study the rules and regulations for the state where you are headed. You should learn about the bag limits, open areas, season dates and hunt types. There are drawing applications and other possible requirements that you should be familiar with for the area. You can usually find all the information you need for the state’s Fish and Wildlife Service.


Popular US Game to Hunt


Some of the favorite game animals to hunt in the U.S. are the following:



White-tailed Deer

Mule Deer


Wild Turkey


Bighorn Sheep




Red Fox






RV Camping and Hunting


You’ll find a myriad of RV campgrounds right where the best hunting grounds are located. For instance, at Apache RV Park in western New Mexico, you are surrounded by national forests on all sides and can hunt to your heart’s content. Catfish Junction RV Park offers easy access to some of the best hunting on the Snake River in Oregon. When you aren’t out in the woods hunting you can enjoy fine amenities and plenty of friendly service. If you want to find other locales, simply do a web search for “RV campground and hunting” for more ideas. Taking an RV is simply the best way to venture out into the wilds so you can concentrate on your hunting skills and not worry about anything else.


Hunting Resources


Hunting (Wikipedia)

Huntinfo (State by State Connections for Hunters)

US Fish and Wildlife Service


Mule Deer Foundation

U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance


Great RV Hunting Spots


Whether you love hunting with gun or bow and arrow, you’ll find plenty of places to park your RV and take off into the wilderness to bag a trophy catch. When staying in an RV, you don’t have to rough it. You can relax in between excursions, rehashing your day’s activities, maybe even bragging a little. Here are a few ideas of RV parks which are in great locations for hunting trips.

  • Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground – Idaho – This campground is right next to several hunting units for elk, deer, mountain lion and bear. With full hookup sites, you’ll spend your nights in comfort.
  • Countryside RV Park – Montana – Big Sky Country has never been more inviting here, and you are minutes away from incredible hunting opportunities. The nearby National Forests are filled with some plenty of wildlife.
  • Mountain Spirits RV Park – New Mexico – Large pull-through spaces will accommodate your RV, and hunting is plentiful right close by. After a full day out in the backcountry, you can enjoy the hot springs nearby.
  • Hunters Group Site – Washington State – This is a popular spot for both hunters and fishermen. You will be hunting elk, deer or moose, and as a bonus there’s a great lake where you can launch a boat for a change of pace.
  • Redbeard's Ranch – Missouri – Lots of wildlife here to challenge your skills. Whitetail deer are abundant as are wild turkey. Bow hunting is the mode of choice here.

Once you take an RV hunting trip, you’ll never want to embark on such an adventure in any other way. You can get as dirty and tired as you want, because you know at the end of the day you can relax in a comfortable and homey RV motorhome. This is the best way to get ready for your next full day of hunting. You can always count on El Monte RV Rentals to help you find the perfect RV rental for your next hunting trip.



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