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RV Travel to Sporting Events

Sporting Event RV Vacations

We hear this all the time—the family’s tired of traveling to team events in a vehicle crowded with kids and sports gear! Why not provide your family with a roomy RV with plenty of space to stow equipment? Let them arrive at the tournament happy and ready to play, instead of cranky and ready to scream! At El Monte RV, we have connections for rental RVs around the country, so let us take the pain out of following the team by helping you plan your next trip.



Have you ever travelled to a club-sponsored sporting event with your family? Was it a great trip, or did you find yourself hoping the next time would be different? We’ve all been there—cranky, hungry kids crammed into the minivan. Maybe your junior athletes arrived in less-than-game-ready mode, and the rest of the family camped out on the bleachers between games. Not the great memory we’re trying to create, is it?

While we’re talking about travelling for sports, consider RVing to your own marathons, tennis matches, cycling competitions or swim meets. What would it be like for your kids to arrive happy, well-fed and ready to play? Imagine cooking healthy meals between games, instead of spending a fortune on fast food. You can help make that a reality by booking a motorhome rental for your next tournament travel. Let your team or family travel with all the comforts of home. Set up a mobile base for your athletes. Give them space to nap, eat and shower. And all for less than travelling by car and booking hotels.

Don’t stop there! Share a ride to a tourney with another couple, or combine the big game with a family vacation. RV travel is cheaper, easier and way more comfortable than arriving by air or auto. There are dozens of reasons a motorhome rental makes the most sense for your sports-related travel.  The whole family will travel in comfort and style with plenty of storage for all the necessary gear for the meet! Don’t miss a game, and don’t miss a chance to travel in style. Contact El Monte RV and get your RV rental booked today.



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