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Responsible RV Travel Tips

1) Fuel efficient driving – save fuel, money and help the environment.


These simple steps can help you save fuel and have a safe driving experience on your RV holiday.

· Slow down and drive carefully, - fuel use increases rapidly over 50 mph, obey speed limits and avoid sharp braking and acceleration, use cruise control to maintain a constant speed.

· Avoid idling, – turn off the engine when the vehicle is stationary (if not in traffic) to save fuel and help reduce air pollution.

· Consider walking, cycling or using public transport to get around locally. Many National Parks and destinations have transport options so you can relax and enjoy the views, without driving.


2) Save Water – protect this precious resource, from source to sea.


Water is a precious resource – help to conserve water on the road by:

· Take shorter showers and turn the tap off while brushing your teeth or washing.

· Wash dishes, fruit and veggies in a bowl, not under a running tap.

· Protect waterways - Make sure no waste gets into rivers or streams, leave no trace.

· Learn about and support local waterway conservation initiatives to improve water quality.

· Take care not to waste water when re-filling your tanks. Every drop counts!


3) Eliminate Waste – reduce, re-use and recycle on the road.


Here are some ideas to reduce waste and help the environment:

· Re-usable bottles, cups, silverware, containers and bags make a big difference in tackling waste. Have these available in your RV when on the road.

· We offer rental kits for all your kitchen and bedding requirements, so you don’t need to buy new or disposable items for your trip.

· Say “no” to single use plastic, unnecessary packaging, and recycle where possible.


4) Take care – look after the environment and be considerate of local communities.


· Have fun and get involved, support local conservation projects from coastal cleanups to tree planting.

· Learn about local places, culture and heritage and experience nature, join a docent or range led walks and talks happing in Parks across the US.

· Visit local farmers markets to find fresh, tasty, locally grown produce without the food miles. Remember the re-usable bags!

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