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Those sweet desert breezes bring such wonderful scents of the dry and desolate lands, such as those of cactus flowers and blooming brush and scrub. All lends a very Western flavor - one the cowboys of older days knew well. Any season is the perfect season for an RV vacation to the deserts of the United States. You probably didn’t realize there were so many fascinating spots to visit in the dry wilderness landscapes of the U.S. deserts.


Deserts take up approximately one-third of our planet’s surface. They are desolate places for the most part, but still support life. In fact, it is incredible the living flora you can find in these scenic remote spots. Cacti, Desert Holly, Prickly Pears and many other diverse living plants make up the links of life and functioning surface of the desert floor.

Where to go on a Desert Vacation in an RV

The United States has more desert lands than you would have thought. Travel to the Washington and Oregon area to see the Columbia Plateau, or in Idaho and in the region of Craters of the Moon National Monument. Wyoming, Utah, Arizona – deserts stretch seemingly endlessly in many areas of our country. From California to New Mexico and Texas, you can find the dry yet lovely landscapes of our colorful deserts.

For an RV vacation, the desert is a fascinating place to explore, with life forms found nowhere else. You can learn all you can about desert life and the mysteries of the desert by doing a little research before leaving on your RV getaway. If you do, you may find things to do and see that you would have never thought of on your own.

What to Take on Your Desert RV Vacation

When headed for the desert, you should know what to take so you can simply relax and enjoy the time away. Get everything listed below together and pack it away in your RV motorhome and you are ready to go!

·        Hiking boots

·        Socks

·        Wide brimmed hat

·        Sunblock

·        Sunscreen

·        Sunglasses

·        Scarf or bandanna

·        T-shirts, tank tops or short sleeved shirts

·        Shorts

·        Pants

·        Dress (for in town)

·        Light jacket or sweater (can get chilly at night)

·        Sandals or flip-flops

·        Swimsuit (you may find places to swim – like in RV campgrounds)

·        Camera

·        First aid kit

RV Camping in the Desert

You will find choice campgrounds for your RV in many of the desert destinations around the country. With Joshua Tree National Park and the city of Palm Springs nearby, you will have lots to do to keep you busy. In the high desert of Nevada, you can park at the Hi-Desert RV Park in Winnemucca, Nevada and experience a wide variety of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, hunting, mountain biking and more.

Desert Vacation Articles

Discover desert scenes that make wonderful vacation spots. Check out our Monty's Musings blog where you’ll find articles on the special places our RV travelers love to go. Some of the articles are:

Arches National Park

Southwestern New Mexico

California’s Desert Parks

Find Out More about the Desert to Enhance Your Vacation

Before you start out on your desert adventure, you should take some time to learn more about the desert. You can discover what to look for when you are there, and things that can increase the pleasure of a desert vacation. 

List of North American Deserts

The Desert – Wikipedia

Desert Climates and Conditions

Great RV Vacation Desert Destinations

The great deserts of the United States offer many RV campgrounds with varying amenities. Set up your base of operations and get out there and explore. Here are some ideas of where to go:

  1. Death Valley National Park – Death Valley, California and Nevada – Texas Spring Campground is just one of many RV campgrounds within the park. A fascinating place to visit, Death Valley is a memorable vacation destination.
  2. Emerald Desert RV Resort – Palm Desert, California – Get out there in the sun and enjoy everything a full service resort can offer, from beautiful swimming pools so you can cool off to glorious golf courses and a fitness center. The desert never looked better!
  3. Eagle View RV Resort – Scottsdale, Arizona – The desert lands surrounded by mountains and a river flowing through. What a landscape for a vacation! Here you will experience the true flavor of the West in Arizona.
  4. Rock Springs/Green River KOA – Rock Springs, Wyoming – Southwestern Wyoming offers a treat for every family. See wild horses roaming the Red Desert, the wild Killpecker Sand Dunes and a fabulous reservoir where you can fish the day away.
  5. The Cove Palisades State Park – southwest of Madras, Oregon – There are a few campgrounds here that cater to RVs. This is the high desert and you will find the summer weather sunny and beautiful. There’s a lake where you can boat or fish, and you’ll discover great hiking trails right out your front door.

A desert vacation is a wonderful escape, a way to see the incredible features of yet another amazing aspect to our planet Earth. You can enjoy plenty of recreation, new types of wildlife and plant life. An RV vacation is the best, as you have all the comforts of home while getting a taste of nature that many never get to experience.



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