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Housekeeping and Convenience Kits

For your convenience, we offer two types of kits for rent:

Personal Convenience Kits ($50 each)
Includes: 2 Blankets; 2 Sheets; Pillow; 2 Pillow Cases; 2 Hand Towels; 2 Bath Towels; 2 Wash Towel; 2 Dish Towels; Cereal Bowl; Dinner Plate; Saucer (Salad Plate); 2 Glasses (12oz); Coffee Cup; Silverware Set (Fork, Spoon, Knife)



Kitchen Kit ($125)
Includes: Kettle/Cover; 1qt. Sauce Pan/Cover; 2qt. Sauce Pan/Cover; 6qt. Dutch Oven; Frying Pan; Coffee/Tea Pot; Vegetable Bowl; Platter; Water Pitcher; Strainer; Potato Peeler; Can Opener; Corkscrew; Cutlery Tray; 4pc. Cutlery Set; Wastepaper Basket; Toilet Brush w/ holder; Broom, Mop & Bucket; 2 Clothes Hangers; 2qt. Micro Bowl

Please note:  the Personal Convenience Kit and the Kitchen Kit are not offered at all locations.  Please call your pickup location prior to your arrival to determine their availability.

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