Housekeeping Kits for Your RV Rental

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Housekeeping and Convenience KitsHousekeeping and Convenience Kits for your RV Rental


For your convenience, we offer two types of kits for rent:

Personal Convenience Kits ($50 each)
Includes: Blankets; Sheets; Pillow; Pillow Case; Hand Towel; Bath Towel; Wash Cloth; Dinner Plate; Silverware Set (Fork, Spoon, Knife); Saucer (Salad Plate); Coffee Cup


Kitchen Kit ($125)
Includes: Water Pitcher; Corkscrew, 1 qt. Sauce Pan Platter, Pan Covers, Dutch Oven; 4pc Cutlery; Dust Pan, Frying Pan, Bottle Opener, 2 qt. Sauce Pan; Dish Towels; Potato Peeler; Kettle, Mop; Clothes Hangers; Strainer; Salad bowls; Bucket; Broom

Please note:  Kit items and quantities may vary by location.  Items may be substituted without notice.  Kit items are for rent and must be returned to rental locations.  Personal Convenience Kit and the Kitchen Kit are not offered at all locations.  Please call your pickup location prior to your arrival to determine their availability.




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