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Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

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RV Travel with Dietary Restrictions

RV Travel for Dietary Restrictions


Lots of folks have foods that they don't tolerate well.  That makes airline and other forms of travel challenging.

Well, the good news is that there is a great solution:  Traveling by RV!  Not only do you have transportation and hotel combined, but you also have your own kitchen too!   Which means this eliminates any problems with food you may have.

Our friends at Frommer's Travel have put together a list of things to consider:

If you have Celiac, food allergies, intolerances or other dietary restrictions, here are a few suggestions. This is by no means an exhaustive list or rocket science -- just some simple ideas that may really help.


1. Do your research before you travel. There may be a society or help group in the destinations you are traveling to -- i.e. a state or national Celiac society that can provide you with information and suggestions. 

2. Read up. There are also several other websites that can provide assistance, like Food Allergy Awareness ( and Food Allergy (, which also offers books for sale.

3. Go Kosher/Halal. It may seem strange (especially if you are not Jewish/Muslim), but Kosher restaurants are everywhere and if you are allergic to dairy for example, you can be 100% guaranteed that you won't find anything dairy or milk-derived in a meat-based kosher restaurant.  Likewise, if you eat at a Halal restaurant, you will be sure that it is a pork-free zone. Try a resource like Kosher Delight ( or Zabihah ( for worldwide Kosher/Halal restaurant and grocery store listings.

4. Go Vegetarian. Many people have allergies or aversions to certain meat products, fish, or shellfish (myself included) and vegetarian restaurants can help take the guesswork out of what is and is not in the food. A strictly veggie restaurant will not cook in any meat or seafood-based oils or stocks.

5. Go Chinese. Whereever you're traveling, you will almost certainly find at least one local Chinese restaurant. There is also a good chance that the owner or staff will speak English. Despite some regional differences, menus will be on the whole, universal and recognizable and you may be able to order something you might safely eat at home.

6. Read the label. Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG is an additive that is found throughout the world -- and not just in Asian-based cuisine -- it's in flavored snack foods, soup stock and a lot of fast food.  P.S. It also occurs naturally in raw tomatoes.

7. Do your own cooking. It may sound really basic, but preparing your own food may be the best safeguard when traveling. This may mean choosing accommodation with cooking facilities, which makes RV travel perfect!

8. Pack all medications you will need on your trip in your carry-on luggage and make sure you always carry them with you in a bag or in your pocket when you reach your destination. Make sure you bring more than enough for your stay and store them in their original containers (in case of questions by law enforcement), plus if possible bring a prescription or note from your doctor.




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