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El Monte RV Rentals Feb 2009 Newsletter Archive

Goin' Places with Smilin' Faces

Monthly Newsletter  February 2009
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 RV Rental Idea:  Super Bowl XLIII Tailgating Bash!
RV Rental Idea: Super Bowl XLIII Tailgating Bash! 
Steelers Fan?  Cardinals Fan?  No matter which team you cheer to victory, you won't want to miss partying with your friends and throwing an awesome tailgating party bash at Super Bowl XLIII on February 1 in Tampa, FL!  
Grab your friends and family and enjoy the game from the comfort and style of a motorhome from El Monte RV!  No need to stand in line for food or the restrooms... it's all there with you!
  Are you a space buff who just can't get enough of the space program?  The next launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery takes place on February 12th at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  
Don't wait!  Visit to order your launch viewing tickets.

NASCAR  RV Rental Idea: Calling all NASCAR fans!


Don't miss your chance celebrate the long and distinguished line of men that have lead our nation.  Take advantage of the long weekend and enjoy an RV trip.  Consider a trip to visit the birthplace of George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln.  Whatever your plans call for, an RV trip will make it fun for the whole family!


RV Vacation Idea:  Valentine's Day RV Vacation Idea:  Valentine's Day! Why not surprise your sweetie with a unique Valentines Day trip? An RV adventure makes it easy to experience a first-row seat for sunrise (or set) at the ocean, a beautiful lake, or the mountains! Picnics have never been easier because it's all there with you!


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