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American Panorama RV Vacation Itinerary
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16 Days - 3833 miles
American Panorama RV Travel Itinerary - Los Angeles to Orlando. If the Great American Southwest is your ticket, we’ve got the trip for you! Start your RV rental in Los Angeles and glide down the road to lively Las Vegas! Our trip plan takes you straight to the Grand Canyon, through historic Tombstone and on to the Gulf Coast. When you’ve followed the road all the way to Orlando, you’ll have many miles of RV-comfortable memories to call your own.
Atlantic Seaboard RV Vacation Itinerary
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16 Days - 2355 miles
There’s something exhilarating about cruising along the Atlantic, exploring quaint villages and seeing some of the best historical sites in America. Why not do your cruising in a motorhome rented through El Monte RV Rentals? Follow this trip plan from Linden, New Jersey to Orlando, FL, through beautiful towns like Mystic, Williamsburg and Myrtle Beach. Plunge into history in Boston and the District of Columbia. If history and scenery are a passion, get started! This Atlantic Seaboard itinerary has it all.
Baja California RV Vacation Itinerary
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20 Days - 2318 miles
Sometimes a motorhome rental opens the door to more than just scenery. Our Baja California Itinerary plunges you into adventure after adventure. See the grey whales at Guerro Negro. Play a round of golf on a world class course in Cabo San Lucas. Explore the Indian rock paintings at Catavina. Do it all on our suggested trip that stretches from Los Angeles to Cabo, and back. We here to get you started down the Baja in an El Monte RV!
Best of the Wild West RV Vacation Itinerary
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12 Days - 1629 miles
The best of the Wild West! You will start in Colorado and travel through Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Utah, seeing where history was made. Meet heroes and heroines such as Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill Cody, Indian Chief, Crazy Horse and visit breathtaking Mount Rushmore!
California Dreamin' RV Vacation Itinerary
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11 Days - 1175 miles
In less than 1200 miles and around 10 to 11 nights, you will go on a circle tour from Southern California to Northern California and back again taking in some of the most amazing spectacles California has to offer! From Disneyland to giant Redwood trees; from Yosemite to Big Sur; from Hearst Castle to Malibu beach... All so different and all so amazing!
Florida Beaches RV Vacation Itinerary
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10 Days - 833 miles
Visit the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, drive across the Everglades "Alligator Alley" to Miami and then up the East Coast. Visit Safari Park, Kennedy Space Center and Daytona before returning to Orlando for Disney World, Epcot Center and much more!
Grand Canyon & Pueblos RV Vacation Itinerary
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11 Days - 1476 miles
Start on a wonderful trip taking in both Las Vegas and Salt Lake City plus Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Route 66 and the Hoover Dam - a real whistle stop tour of some of America's greatest icons.
Las Vegas Celebration RV Vacation Itinerary
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8 Days - 504 miles
Celebrate Las Vegas style! Whatever the event, follow it with a motorhome "celebration". Why not see the sites and sounds of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and experience the incredible salt flats of Death Valley.
Mountains of the Northwest RV Vacation Itinerary
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11 Days - 1469 miles
Five of the best loved National Parks of the Pacific Northwest, plus the rugged and scenic Pacific Ocean makes this a wonderful journey of contrasts. You'll visit the soaring volcanic mountains of Washington state, the beaches and coastline of Oregon and California, the world famous wine regions and the magic of San Francisco.
Northeast Discovery RV Vacation Itinerary
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15 Days - 2256 miles
See it all on this whistle stop tour. New York to Philadelphia and then to the nation's capital, Washington, DC. Historic Williamsburg and the Shenandoah National Park, to a modern icon, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and back to nature at Niagara Falls.
Northwest Adventure Trail RV Vacation Itinerary
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18 Days - 2828 miles
Northwest RV Travel Itinerary - Bellingham, WA to Bodega Bay, CA If you’ve never experienced the grandeur of Banff or the excitement of San Francisco, you owe it to yourself to follow our Northwest Adventure Trail. We love this trip—scenery, urban night life and the diverse cultures of the Pacific Northwest, all in one vacation. It all starts with an RV rental in Bellingham, WA and rolls through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Don’t miss this journey! It’s one you won’t soon forget.
Route 66 America's Main Street RV Vacation Itinerary
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12 Days - 2311 miles
Route 66 is a legend. Since 1926, it has provided the way for travelers to follow their dreams. No other highway has been immortalized in song, prose, and film. This journey involves driving on Freeways and stopping at places where the old road still exists.
Southern California Journey RV Vacation Itinerary
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8 Days - 416 miles
The Best of Southern California: Beaches, Mountains, Deserts…all within a few hours.
Southern Music and Heroes RV Vacation Itinerary
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13 Days - 2469 miles
In about 400 miles you will see Atlanta, antebellum homes and the gorgeous beaches of Florida's 'Panhandle'. You can take a ferry ride, play the casinos on the Mississippi coast and get really jazzed up in New Orleans. Take a swamp tour, go to the zoo and follow the trails of both Elvis and Bill
Utah's National Parks RV Vacation Itinerary
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7 Days - 928 miles
Take an awe-inspiring trip to Utah's "Big 5" National Parks.
Whistle Stop California & Nevada RV Vacation Itinerary
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12 Days - 1525 miles
Begin this tour in Las Vegas, as we have below, or just as easily in Los Angeles or San Francisco. See cities, beaches and National Parks in this whistle stop tour.

Do, please, think about spending longer in some places as there is so much fun to be had along the way.

California Dreamin' RV Vacation Itinerary

California Dreamin' RV Vacation Itinerary


In less than 1200 miles and around 10 to 11 nights, you will go on a circle tour from Southern California to Northern California and back again taking in some of the most amazing spectacles California has to offer!  From Disneyland to giant Redwood trees; from Yosemite to Big Sur; from Hearst Castle to Malibu beach... All so different and all so amazing!


Day 1 - Santa Fe Springs to Anaheim
12 miles - 25 minutes

After picking up your motorhome at El Monte RV Los Angeles location it's just a 15 minute drive south to your first night stop at the Anaheim Harbor RV Park.  The campground has a shuttle leaving every 20 minutes to Disneyland so, once checked in, why not leave your RV and you're off for a wonderful evening of fun.  Stay for the fireworks then head home for your first night in your motorhome.

California Dreamin RV Vacation Idea
Day 2 - Anaheim to Sequoia National Park
241 miles - 5 hours

The longest drive on this trip takes you north, headed for the Giant Redwoods in Sequoia National Park . You'll start by retracing your steps on Interstate 5 and once out of the metropolitan area will have Los Padres National Forest on your left and Angeles National Forest on your right.


Just beyond Lebec you will come onto Route 99, headed for Bakersfield (you should reach there a couple of hours after starting your journey from Anaheim).  


Bakersfield is home to the largest collection of Basque restaurants in the United States, you may want to stop for breakfast or lunch.


Continue north until Visalia where you may want to stock up with food. Then head toward Sequoia National Park.  At Three Rivers you will find Sequoia RV & Ranch, just 8 miles from the entrance to the park.


Several sites at Sequoia RV Ranch are alongside the river so, when you book, do tell them if you'd like this position.  


You will probably want to take it easy now: relax on the 21 acre property, swim in the spring-fed swimming hole, BBQ some of that fresh fish you just bought and spend a pleasant evening. 

Yosemite National Park, California
Day 3 - Sequoia National Park to Yosemite National Park
200 miles - 5 hours

Once you hit route 41, head north through the town of Fresno and then, just after Oakhurst, drive through the Sierra National Forest until you reach the south part of Yosemite National Park.


You are heading for Yosemite Village where there are a number of National Park campgrounds to choose from ( &   These websites will not only give you details of campgrounds you can pre-book, but they will also tell you about the amazing things to be seen in Yosemite National Park.

Day 4 - Yosemite National Park to San Francisco
195 miles - 4 hours

You will enjoy 25 more miles of Yosemite National Park today as you head for the Park's west entrance - or exit in your case.  There's a lot to see, from the cable cars to the Wharf, so check the website and make a plan!


Day 5 - San Francisco to Moss Landing
90 miles - 1.5 hours

After a day in the city, enjoy 2 nights at Moss Landing KOA.  This will be your base for a tour of the Monterey Peninsula tomorrow, but this first day would probably be a good one for R&R to relax after a couple of long drives.  Moss Landing is in the heart of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary.  With its fish restaurants, antique shops and art galleries, this really is old-fashioned seaside Americana.

Port of Monterey, CA
Day 6 - Visiting the sites around Moss Landing
50 miles - 3 hours

Today, take the opportunity to visit the sites in and around Monterey and Carmel; to take the beautiful '17 mile drive' and to visit Pebble Beach.  No rush, no hurry.  Return to Moss Landing at your leisure!

Day 7 - Moss Landing to Big Sur
50 miles - 1 hour

"The Big Sur", one of the most famous and breathtaking stretches of road on the Pacific Highway, bestowed as one of America's Scenic Byways.  Take the drive slowly and stop often when you see viewpoints.  Check the website and plan your journey carefully.  You are going to based for the night at Fernwood Resort.

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle, San Simeon
Day 8 - Big Sur to San Simeon
62 miles - 1.5 hours

On your journey south today, you may want to stop for a while at Julie Pfeiffer Burns State Park to take the short, 1/3 mile easy walk on McWay Waterfall Trail.  It'll take you to an overlook facing McWay Falls, an incredible 80-foot waterfall that drops directly onto the sandy beach.  You are next headed for San Simeon and famous Hearst Castle built on land William Randolph Hearst inherited from his mother.


Originally known as "Camp Hill", its wilderness originally offered a place for family members and friends to "rough it" on camping trips.


Hearst envisioned more comfortable accommodations, and by 1947 they had created an estate of 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways amidst the 250,000 acres which make up the estate.

Pismo Beach
Day 9 - San Simeon to Pismo Beach
60 miles - 1 hour

Today, head south from San Simeon to Pismo Beach and Pismo Coast Village.  After about 35 miles you'll come to Morro Bay State Park which features lagoon and natural bay habitats.  The bay's most prominent landmark is Morro Rock,  The park museum has exhibits that cover natural features and cultural history, Native American life, geology and oceanography.  It would be a nice place to make an interim stop, even though today's journey is a short one.  Once you get to Pismo Beach, a classic beach town famous for its dunes, it's all about relaxing.  Pismo Beach is surrounded by golf courses.


There is horseback riding on the beach, fishing off of the pier, or surfing next to it, and a selection of trails to explore.  The spectacular Monarch butterfly groves is on the southern boundary.  Alternatively, just sit and look out for whales, otters and elephant seals just offshore. 

Day 10 - Pismo Beach to Malibu
170 miles - 4 hours

As you wave goodbye to Pismo Beach, you are heading for one of those iconic California places... Malibu.  Who knows, you may even bump into someone famous!  You can drive down on route 101 into Malibu or come off the main highway through coastal towns such as Mission Hills, Lompoc or Isla Vista.  A stop at Santa Barbara might be fun too.  When you arrive at Malibu Beach RV Park your site will have either an ocean or mountain view, so when booking it's worth saying which you'd prefer.  Whale watching is a great activity in March, April, October and November and you can watch dolphins all year round.  Ocean swimming, body surfing and beachcombing are also favorite activities.  And, of course, there's always star spotting either here or in Beverly Hills, just 23 miles away.

Day 11 - Malibu to Santa Fe Springs
45 miles - 2 hours

It should take approximately 2 hours, depending on traffic to get back to the Santa Fe Springs rv rental location before 11am with a full tank of gas (petrol).



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