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 Mount Rainier offers an incredible variety of sights and activities to those who wish to have a memorable getaway vacation. An RV vacation to this mountainous region is a rewarding experience, with glorious views, sparkling lakes and streams, waterfalls and acres of wildflowers. Stand in wonder at the old-growth forests of firs, cedars and hemlocks. With such an array of beauty, you will want to pack your RV now and get on your way to Washington State to enjoy this paradise.


Towering Mount Rainier is an active volcano standing as a distinctive landmark in Washington. At 14,410 feet in elevation, this icon is the birthplace of six rivers and holds wildflower meadows and ancient forests on its slopes.



Where Your RV Can Take You at Mount Rainier

With five awesome areas to visit, you will be inspired and dazzled by the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park. At the Paradise Area, you can wander the meadows of wildflowers and enjoy the views. In the Longmire Area be sure to visit the museum that is situated in the original park headquarters. Brave the climb and go to the Sunrise Area which is the highest point in the park – at 6,400 feet above sea level.

Natural vistas take on new meaning at Mount Rainier. The Ohanapecosh Area is a breathtaking adventure into the forests of this beautiful region. The Carbon and Mowich Areas offer more exciting times, with Mowich Lake and rough forest roads to explore on foot or by bicycle. Your RV vacation excursion will be more than you dreamed.

Wildlife Watching on Your RV Vacation

Mount Rainier is an excellent place to see the wonderful animals and birds that make their home here. A wide variety of wildlife makes it almost mandatory to bring your camera, as you are sure to get some unique shots. You will likely spot:

• Black bears
• Cougars
• Elk
• Black-tailed deer
• Coyotes
• Red foxes
• Beaver
• Wolves
• Bobcats
• Lynx
• Mountain goats
• Douglas' squirrels
• Golden Mantled Ground squirrels
• Northern flying squirrel
• Hoary bat
• Northern spotted owl
• Hoary Marmot
• Pika

RV Camping at Mount Rainier

You can find great campgrounds for your RV within Mount Rainier National Park or in surrounding communities. At the Cougar Rock Campground you’ll discover reasonable prices with all the amenities you need, including a dump station. At Ohanapecosh Campground there are 188 sites and they take up to 32-foot RVs. Both these campgrounds are inside the park boundaries.

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Discover More about Mount Rainier to Expand on Your Visit

It is always smart to do some research before leaving on your Mount Rainier adventure in your RV motorhome. Take some time and learn about the area and what to expect. You will find fun things to do that will fill your days with pleasure.

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Great RV Campgrounds outside of Mount Rainier National Park

You don’t have to stay in the National Park to enjoy all there is to do and see around Mount Rainier. There are many RV parks nearby that offer terrific amenities and make for easy access to plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

1. Mounthaven Resort – Ashford, WA – Seven acres in the forest with mountain creeks flowing by. What more could you ask for? A very secluded spot with 16 RV campsites available.

2. Cascade Peaks RV Resort – Randle, WA – Scenic wonders never cease here in a campground that will add some excitement to your adventures. Rich in activities for the whole family! Swim, play horseshoes, picnic, hike. The opportunities are endless.


3. Mineral Lake Resort – Mineral, WA – Located in the shadow of Mount Rainier, this RV resort offers a wide range of amenities, from dock fishing to boating and more. You are within driving distance of a number of scenic attractions.

A vacation to Mount Rainier is a thrilling way to see what wonders our planet holds, with the rugged slopes, thick and lush forests and wildflower meadows in this volcano country. Taking an RV vacation here is the perfect way to spend some summer weeks.



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