About Us

About Us

Over 50 Years of Unforgettable Journeys

El Monte RV is a pioneer in the North American RV rental and sales industry. Our story began in 1970, in the city of El Monte, California, with a simple dream: to help people experience the freedom and adventure of RV travel. From a single location, we've grown into a nationwide network, serving families and adventurers from all corners of the globe.  

Our Commitment to Your Adventure

Throughout the years, our core values have remained constant.

Quality - We maintain a meticulously cared-for fleet of RVs, ensuring your trip is comfortable and worry-free. 

Service - Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, from helping you choose the perfect RV to offering expert advice on your travel plans. 

Innovation - We are constantly innovating and expanding our offerings, so you have access to the latest and greatest RVs on the market.  

More Than Just Rentals

El Monte RV is your one-stop shop for all things RV. We offer a wide range of rental options, from luxurious Class A motorhomes, maneuverable Class C RVs and nimble Class B campervans. In addition to rentals, we also offer RV sales, event and temporary housing solutions.

A Legacy of Adventure

Launched by the Schork family, El Monte RV has fostered a company culture built on exceptional customer service and a dedication to providing high-quality RVs. In 2016 El Monte RV announced a new chapter in its storied journey as it joined the thl family of brands, a renowned leader in the outdoor recreation industry.  thl, a global tourism operator is the largest commercial RV rental operator in the world. Headquartered in New Zealand/Australia, thl operates rental brands Maui, Britz, Apollo, Mighty, Hippie, Cheapa Campa. In North America, thl operates the Road Bear RV, El Monte RV, CanaDream, Britz and Mighty rental brands. In UK and Europe, thl operates the Just go, Apollo and Bunk Campers rental brands.

This strategic partnership builds upon the strong foundation established by the Schorks family over the past five decades. El Monte RV's commitment to exceptional customer service, a vast and well-maintained RV fleet, and dedication to providing unforgettable adventure experiences will remain at the core of everything we do.

Get Ready to Explore

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or embarking on your first RV trip, El Monte RV is here to help you create unforgettable memories.  We invite you to explore our extensive fleet of RVs, discover amazing travel destinations, and experience the freedom of the open road. 

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