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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety & Driving

Renter and all drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Renter and all drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Renter and all drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age with a permanent, valid driver’s license (temporary replacement or provisional license not accepted) from country of residence and and current identification (including passport for non-US residents).  An International Driver's license translation is recommended but not required.

Yes, all of our vehicles are equipped with one tether anchor for a child seat. All other seats are equipped with a lap belt only.

Yes, customers are encouraged to provide their own child or booster seat.

Clients are restricted from traveling to certain regions due to road conditions, extreme weather, acts of God, security alerts and/or availability of support

Yes.  Current passport or "Real ID" are required, and if you're travelling to Mexico, you must purchase our Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI).  Please be advised that in the unlikely event of a breakdown in Mexico, that Roadside support is not available while in Mexico.

Off-road: Travel on non-public, unpaved and/or ‘logging’ roads is not permitted at any time.

Death Valley: Traveling in or traversing Death Valley is not permitted in July and August. In May, June and September travel is permitted, however, customer is fully responsible for all mechanical problems and/or towing or vehicle recovery costs. Ground temperatures can reach 140º F or 60º C. During July / August clients may be required on pick up to sign and acknowledge these restrictions.

No, travel through Manhattan is not permitted.

Travel during winter months is permitted. However, freezing conditions may occur in spring and fall at higher elevations and should be anticipated and precautionary measures taken. Clients are responsible for any damage due to systems freezing due to cold weather. As a precautionary measure at certain locations water may be replaced by anti-freeze to prevent water systems from freezing. Clients are then not allowed to use any water systems, including the toilet or shower, until they have traveled to areas with consistently above zero temperatures. In the event the clients want to replace the anti-freeze with water they may be charged up to $150 to re-winterize or de-winterize the vehicle.

Travel in summer months and/or in extreme temperatures can strain motorhome systems such as roof and dash air conditioners, generator and refrigerator. We maintain our motorhome fleet to accommodate all weather conditions; however, clients should be made aware that performance of motorhome systems under extreme conditions cannot be guaranteed. Roof A/C units will only cool the interior of the motor home up to a maximum of 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.


Yes, most of our locations rent GPS at $95 + tax per rental.

Yes, we will charge a $250 security deposit for each rental. The security deposit is refunded as long as the GPS is returned undamaged and in working order.

About Your Motorhome

Yes, all of our vehicles are equipped with a generator.

Customers may provide their own bedding or rent a Personal Convenience Kit. Personal Convenience Kits include the following: Blankets; Sheets; Pillow; Pillow Case; Hand Towel; Bath Towel; Wash Cloth; Dinner Plate; Silverware Set (Fork, Spoon, Knife); Saucer (Salad Plate); Coffee Cup. To purchase a Personal Convenience Kit, simply request one at time of reservation or contact a helpful Customer Service Representative to add this to your reservation. Cost for Personal Convenience Kits is $55/pp

Customers may provide their own cooking equipment or rent a Kitchen Convenience Kit. Kitchen Convenience Kits include the following: Water Pitcher; Corkscrew, 1 qt. Sauce Pan Platter, Pan Covers, Dutch Oven; 4pc Cutlery; Dust Pan, Frying Pan, Bottle Opener, 2 qt. Sauce Pan; Dish Towels; Potato Peeler; Kettle, Mop; Clothes Hangers; Strainer; Salad bowls; Bucket; Broom. To purchase a Kitchen Convenience Kit, simply request one at time of reservation or contact a helpful Customer Service Representative to add this to your reservation. Cost for Kitchen Convenience Kits is $130.

Yes, pets are allowed in our motorhomes.  There is no charge to bring your pet, however, a cleaning fee may be applied at return if the motorhome is brought back in unclean condition because of the pet.

Yes, all El Monte RVs are equipped with air conditioners.

Yes, El Monte RV permits towing, however the following limitations apply. Please review carefully and adhere to these restrictions regarding towing. 

Object being towed cannot weigh more than 1,500 pounds maximum. Small utility, motorcycle (capacity of 2 bikes) and single axle enclosed trailers no larger than 5ft x 8ft are usually less than 1,500 pounds. 


Only one object may be towed at a time and the combined length of motorhome and object being towed cannot exceed 65 feet. 


Towing is allowed with all unit types, except for the AC37. 


NO towing for one‐way rentals. 


Minimum towing fee: $20 per night ($140 minimum charge) 


El Monte RV Motorhomes are equipped with a 2" x 2" square receiver and Bargman 7‐way plug. Customer will need to provide the ball & mount and plug adapter for the towed object. We neither carry nor provide the ball & mount or adapter, nor do we assist in the rental of these items. 


IMPORTANT: El Monte RV Lessor provides no collision or liability insurance nor VIP coverage for damage to the towed object or third party injury or damage inflicted by the towed object, under any circumstances.

Preparing for Arrival

Yes. You must call the branch number listed on your confirmation between 8:30am and 9:30am the day of pickup and schedule a vehicle pickup time.

(1) Current drivers license. The license must not expire during the rental period. Any additional drivers to be added on the contract must have their current drivers license as well and must be present at pickup.  Temporary licenses are not acceptable.  No special license is required to drive our motorhomes.


(2) Proof of insurance with policy number. Bring a separate rider if your insurance company requires one.  It is the renters responsibility to confirm coverage.


(3) A major credit card with sufficient available credit.


(4) If you are an International customer, please bring your Passport.

Yes, the main renter and all additional drivers have to be present on pickup of the motorhome.

Vehicle pick-up is between 13:00 and 16:00 depending on vehicle readiness. Please allow 1-2 hours for pick up procedures.

Guests will receive an orientation of the unit including a walk through. 

Customers should expect to pick up the rental after 1 pm based on vehicle readiness, calling ahead to confirm your pick-up time is required.
Call the pick-up location between 8:30 am – 9:30 am on the morning of the scheduled pick-up and arrange a vehicle pick-up time.
Customers must arrive at the pick-up station no less than one hour before rental station’s official closing time.
There is no refund if client picks up later than the booked day of departure.
Customers should allow 1-2 hours after arrival for vehicle orientation and rental contract processing.
All renters must also sign the “Winterization Advisory” when renting between October - March. Fees may apply.

Unfortunately, we can not accommodate after-hours pick-ups. Customers arriving after-hours will be required to pick up their unit the next day the office is open.

All motorhomes have to be picked up and returned at the rental station. Some pick up locations offer delivery if the vehicle will be stationary at the delivery point.

Luggage storage is available on a limited basis at fly/drive locations. However, to facilitate the pick up and drop off procedures, we recommend that the clients store luggage in their vehicle.  Soft-sided or collapsible bags are the best for storage in the vehicle.

Yes, at selected locations. Prices per night vary. Not every location has overnight parking for customers available, so please call in advance to check. If you choose to leave your vehicle, it is at your own risk.

Please click on the link for more information. Apply for ESTA no later than 72 hours before departing for the United States

Before You Return

Vehicle return time is between 08:00 and 11:00. Penalties are charged for late returns without prior authorization. If transfer is required at fly/drive locations, no transfer will be provided if you return past 11:00.

Yes. If you are unable to do so, you will be charged the then-current rate for this service.

You must return the motorhome with the same level of gasoline that it had when you picked it up. Normally, the motorhome is "topped off" before it leaves, so when it returns, we will top it off again.

Yes, we require the units to be returned with empty grey and black water tanks. Failure to empty the grey and black water tanks will result in additional charges.

The RV will be inspected upon return and therefore cannot be returned prior to the location operating hours.

Prior to returning the RV, the customer is responsible for emptying the grey and black water tanks and refueling. Gasoline must be filled to the same level as it was upon pick-up, usually this is completely full.

Kitchen and Personal convenience kits must be returned with the vehicle. Some locations provide bins to deposit these items, or you may leave them in the units.

No. Clients who return the rental vehicle to any location other than the one booked and confirmed without prior authorization or who abandon the rental vehicle will be charged a recovery fee and penalty.

Assistance Required

Yes, we provide 24/7 On-The-Road assistance. Please call 1-800-367-4707 or email [email protected]

In the event of a mechanical problem requiring repairs over $100 clients must call El Monte RV’s On-The-Road Care team for authorization.

In order to be eligible for any lost-use refund during their rental period clients must contact El Monte RV’s On-The-Road Support and start a Customer Service Log with them and must have followed all instructions, self-help tips, and/or recommendations for repairs.

Contact the local police department. Contact our On-The-Road support 1-800-367-4707

Motorhome Awnings extend from the Passenger side of the RV to provide protection from the weather. To use the RV Awning you must be parked with parking brake on, have your AUX Battery turned on, keys out of the ignition, and there will be a button by the entry door for the Awning. MAKE SURE THE AWNING IS CLOSED BEFORE DRIVING - KEEP THE AWNING CLOSED IN HIGH WINDS.

Potable Water: This connection is used to fill the fresh water tank. You have to use the Water Pump to use water from the tank
City Water: This connection is used at the campground, City Water does not fill your tank and you must have the Water Pump OFF when using City Water
Santi Flush: This connection might not be labeled, it is used for washing the Black Waste Tank with clean water.

The RV has two electrical systems that power different appliances in the RV. The 12 volt system is powered by the Aux Batteries. The batteries can be charged by running your Engine, Generator, or plugging into Shoreline Power. Never use the Generator while you are plugged into Shoreline. The Aux Battery is used to start the generator, while the generator is running it will charge your batteries and power the 110 volt appliances. The 110 volt system is powered by the Generator or plugging into Shoreline, the 110 volt is not stored in any way.

If the 12 Volt system is not working, make sure your Aux Battery switch is turned on by the entry door and charge the battery for at least 30 minutes, you should check the battery level every 6 hours and charge when necessary. If the 110 volt is not working, check the circuit breakers on the Generator or Shoreline connection, and in the fuse box located on the bed frame or dinette bench frame.

GFI Outlets have a built in circuit breaker to protect the system if too much power is used. If your outlets are not getting power and you are using Generator or Shoreline power, the outlet in the bathroom will have the reset buttons to reset all of the outlets in the RV.

There will be a “TEST” Button and a “RESET” Button at the center of the plug. Push “TEST” first then “RESET”. If this does not work then you should check the circuit breakers on the generator or the campground shoreline post.

The Furnace uses Propane (LPG) and the Aux Battery (12 volt) to heat the living space of the RV. The Furnace uses a lot of electricity and can drain your Aux Battery, it is important to check the battery level every 6 hours and charge when necessary. The Furnace will only blow air out of vents near the floor, it does not blow out from the ceiling. If the ceiling vents blow out air with the Furnace then you need to set the fan to “Auto”. If the Furnace is blowing Cold air then make sure you have propane and the tank valve is open. If the Furnace does not turn on, make sure your AUX battery is on and charged, you can also check the fuse box for a “Furnace” or “Appliance” fuse.

Smaller vehicles will have the thermostat near the bed, the top lever is used to turn the furnace on, the bottom lever is used to adjust the temperature control. The top “On/Off” lever can be hard to move so do not be afraid to push it hard to the left. For the furnace to be On, the lever must be straight up and down. For the Furnace to be Off the lever must be towards the right.

You may have a different type of Thermostat with only one lever on the top. Slide to the left turns it off, and to the right adjust the temperature until the furnace turns on.

Larger Class C RVs may have a digital thermostat. Pushing mode once will take you to the fan controls, push up or down with the arrows to adjust. Pushing mode again will take you to the Furnace and Air Conditioner settings. If the temperature does not adjust higher than 34 degrees then push the two arrow buttons together to change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit

The Refrigerator uses the Aux Battery to turn on the refrigerator and either Propane or 110v to keep your food cold. There are two settings, “gas” and “auto”, on the gas mode the refrigerator will use the propane (LPG) to cool, on “auto” it will switch between the propane and the 110v depending on what is available.

Dometic Refrigerator controls: The“gas” button selects between propane or auto, if the button is pressed in then the fridge is on auto and the “auto” light will be lit. If the check light is lit then there is an issue, check your propane, light the stove to bleed air from the propane line and turn the refrigerator off and on again. The light should go away.

Norcold Refrigerator controls: The “mode” button allows you to select between propane, 110v only, or auto. The “A” means the refrigerator is on Auto, the “plug” icon indicates the refrigerator is using 110v, if the 110v is turned off then the “A” will stay lit but the plug will not be lit and an Icon of “liquid” indicates Propane. The Green light indicates the refrigerator is working properly. The snowflakes indicate the temperature setting, more snowflakes means the refrigerator will get colder

The “plug” icon indicates 110v mode and the refrigerator will only use the 110v to cool. The red light indicates the refrigerator is not cooling, if on 110v, check your circuit breakers, if on gas, check your propane level and that the tank is open. Try turning the refrigerator off and back on.

The “liquid” icon indicates the refrigerator is only using propane and will not switch to 110v if you run out of Propane, this will only happen when on “Auto”


  • The RV must be leveled when parked for the refrigerator to operate, failure to level the RV can cause major failure of the refrigerator.
  • The Refrigerator takes 6 hours to cool down, and must be empty for it to reach the proper temperature, then you can load your food.
  • Do not overload the refrigerator! There must be space between items for proper airflow
  • Never put hot food or drinks in the refrigerator
  • Avoid opening the door unnecessarily, this will cause the refrigerator to struggle to stay cold.

The side view mirrors need to be adjusted by hand. You will need to loosen a screw to move the mirror head, then tighten the screw to secure the mirror head. Tools Needed: 3/16 Hex Wrench

Our RVs have dual rear tires, meaning there is two tires on each side for the rear. To check air pressure or inflate these tires, you will need to remove the plastic wheel cover. Look through the holes to find the valve stems, there will be one for each tire. The valve stems will always be diagonally across from each other. The inner tire valve stem will be facing towards you, the outside tire valve stem will be facing in towards the RV. Therefore you need an inflator with fittings on both sides (pictured below)

Tire inflation specifications can be found in the driver door frame. If you have trouble checking, or filling the tires, you can stop by a tire shop or truck rest stop for assistance.

Pull the Gear selector towards you, and move it up or down to select a gear. The button at the end of the selector is for “Tow Haul”, this is only needed when towing a trailer behind the RV.

You can select between 7 different gears.

“P” = Park, the transmission is in neutral and the wheels are locked from moving

“R”= Reverse, to drive backwards

“N”= Neutral, the engine will not move the RV but the wheels are free to move

“D”= Drive, the transmission will automatically change between 1st and 4th gear and Overdrive (Overdrive is like a 5th gear)

“4” The transmission will automatically change between 1st and 4th gear, but will not go into overdrive.

“2” The transmission will not go higher than 2nd gear.

“1” The transmission will not go higher than 1st gear

Gears “1” and “2” are recommended to use when driving up or down a hill. This will reduce the need to use the brakes, as the transmission will naturally slow the vehicle down.

All El Monte RV Vehicles use unleaded Gasoline only, NEVER USE DIESEL FUEL. Any octane 87 or higher is okay to use for the RV. Some states have 85 octane but this is not recommended to use.

Remember when you return the vehicle, it must have the same Gasoline level as when you picked it up.

Where to Stay

It is recommended to stay at a campground. Information can be found here:

Campgrounds in the United States are extremely popular vacation destinations, especially during the summer months. To ensure that you have a fun and stress-free vacation it's highly recommended that any campground reservations be made as early as possible.

Dump Stations

The state-of-the-art, self-contained RVs and motorhomes we rent provide clean, private restroom facilities and convenient kitchen space. Those handy features, though, create the need to empty your RV’s wastewater tanks from time to time. If you’ve spent many hours in an RV, you know it’s essential to learn the locations of RV dump stations along your route.

That’s why we provide this link to a handy RV dump station locator. While we don’t control the information provided there, and so can’t guarantee it, we do know that it’s been extremely helpful to our customers.

Not only does provide an online directory, by state, of dump stations, it also gives RVers great tips on dump station courtesy, proper handling of waste water and a step-by-step guide to emptying your grey and black wastewater tanks.


If you’re completely new to RV travel, let us give you our top five facts about RV wastewater:

  • The grey tank holds “soapy water”, from your kitchen sink and lavatory.
  • The black tank holds “waste water” from your RV toilet.
  • If you empty your grey tank after your black tank, it helps rinse the solid waste from your drain lines.
  • Wearing rubber gloves is highly recommended when handling wastewater equipment!
  • Water storage tanks must be emptied and flushed prior to returning your RV rental unit, or you may be charged.

Since we strive at El Monte RV to encourage RV etiquette, we urge all our motorhome rental clients to practice the golden rule. Nothing worse than driving up to a filthy dump station with your wastewater tanks at capacity!


Cleaning up spills, spraying down the area and following the rules for what’s allowed in the holding tanks makes life easier for everyone.  It’s an unfortunate fact that messy RVers can cause dump station operators to close down.  Let’s help keep dump stations free, safe and open by practicing common courtesy while we’re there!


We’ve provided a couple of resources for you to find RV dump sites. Be sure to visit one of these sites for a location at which to empty your tanks.


It can make all the difference in ensuring a pleasant journey. Whether returning your unit at the end of an RV rental, or simply needing to empty your tanks, we know you’ll find this handy directory helpful.



Toll Roads

Yes. Please click this link for more information:

Tolls costs and payment methods vary throughout the country, some accept cash and/or credit and some toll-roads only accept charges made through prepaid accounts. We recommend that you research your travel plans in advance and prepare to pay for tolls based on the individual toll-plaza requirements.


El Monte RV is committed to responsible travel. For information on our Travel with Heart program and tips on how you can reduce your environmental impact when travelling visit our Responsible Travel Program page.

Motorhome Reservation

1. Please call our corporate reservation department at 1-888-337-2214

2. Make your reservation online at

3. Call or visit your local rental office

You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a motorhome.

Yes, however they must be present at the time of pickup and have a valid drivers license that will not expire during the length of the motorhome rental contract. Additional fee may apply at some locations.

You can rent for 1 or 2 nights but a minimum 3 night charge (or more) will apply.

Sorry, no refund for early returns or late pick up.

Motorhome rental is calculated by night; not by day. Vehicle Pick-up Time is in the afternoon after 1 PM based on vehicle readiness and staffing. The Vehicle must be returned by 11 AM.

Sorry, no unlimited mileage is available.

Fees and Charges

One-way fees range from $200 to $750 depending on the drop off location.

The security deposit for recreational vehicle rentals is a $1,500 hold on a major credit card (non-debit).

Visa card, Master card, Discover card or American Express can be used to pay for both the Security Deposit and for the balance due.

Debit cards can be used to pay for the balance due; but not for the Security Deposit.

Stored Value/Pre-paid Cards and Gift Cards are not accepted for payment of Rental charges.

We require that all units be returned in a clean condition. Failure to do so will result in a $50 per hour cleaning fee which will be assessed upon return should the unit be unclean.


Before you hit the road, make sure you check out our RV bargains. Your vacation gets even better when you get a great deal. At El Monte RV, we want to help you plan the perfect trip and save money too! Special Deals can be found here.

Insurance & Incident Protection

RLI is Primary Third Party Liability Insurance up to the required financial responsibility limits. So if the renter accidentally damages someone else's property or injures someone with the motorhome, then the renter is protected from the claim up to the state minimums of whatever state the accident occurs in.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) starts where Primary Third Party Liability Insurance ends. SLI is Additional Third Party Liability Insurance which increases the protection against Third Party Liability claims up to $500,000 once the state minimums have been met. So if the renter accidentally damages someone else's property or injures someone with the motorhome, then the renter is protected from the claim up to five-hundred-thousand USD.

VIP Coverage reduces the Deductible to $1,500 Per Occurrence of accidental damage to the motorhome (conditions and exclusions apply). If new damage occurs during the rental period, then the renter would be responsible to pay up to $1,500. Without VIP the renter would be responsible to pay the full cost of repair and down-time until unit is repaired.

The optional VIP Plus Upgrade is not mandatory. VIP Plus reduces the Renter’s financial responsibility for covered physical damage (exclusions apply) to the Rental Vehicle to $0.VIP Plus Upgrade is not an insurance and only reduces the financial responsibility of the renter if the rented vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Charges and Cancellations

Yes, you may make changes to your reservation during the course of your trip. Please be aware that changes may require the purchase of additional miles should you be travelling to a further destination. Please arrange any changes to your trip with one of our Customer Service Agents as early as possible.

Yes, you may make changes to your RV type based on availability. Please be aware that any changes to your reservation may result in additional costs. Please confirm your changes with a Customer Service Agent.

Reservation down payment is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Yes, you may change your return date. Please contact a Customer Service Agent to discuss your reservation and confirm changes. Please be aware that changes may result in additional charges.

Additional Products and Service

Chairs are available for rent at select locations. Please confirm availability with a Customer Service Agent or by contacting the branch directly.

Toasters are available to rent at select locations. PLease confirm availability with a Customer Service Agent or by contacting the branch directly.

Coffee Makers are available to rent at select locations. Please confirm availability with a Customer Service Agent or by contacting the branch directly.

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