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USA’s New Favorite Way to Vacation

USA’s New Favorite Way to Vacation

As of March, this year, the whole world changed. The whole world. Changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic created the need for people to remain somewhat separate from others. While it was perfectly fine to be in your own home and stay with the same family members you usually live with, taking a vacation became a much larger task.

For some, vacation time was just canceled as it was too difficult and restrictions on air travel, some interstate travel, and other barriers got in the way. For others, who saw this as an opportunity, this became the year of the RV. It was a brilliant alternative way to travel. You could stay in your RV, and keep your family members together, but see the rest of the country. When schools and so many businesses were closed and people were forced to work remotely, this new opportunity for travel became a sort of “On the Road” adventure.

One could home-school their kids in an RV (or outside in a park or campground), work from the RV using a Wi-Fi connection (which many parks offer for free), and write your ticket as to how far you want to travel and for how long.

Highways were still open and of course, some commerce had to continue, so while some tried to figure out if they were “essential” businesses, others quickly adapted to the new situation and figured out how to ramp up for online sales, online meetings, and online education. 

In 2020, we all faced the fear of this pandemic but many families made the best of this situation and instead of griping about being handed a basket of lemons, they made lemonade! Staying healthy of course, was the highest priority, and getting outdoors and getting exercise are certainly ways to help maintain our health. Eating healthy is also key and rather than a motel room and dining in cheap restaurants, traveling in an RV provides families with a wonderful portable Hotel and kitchen to prepare all your favorite foods.

Some people took to the roads in their own RV’s but others who weren’t so lucky managed to find an RV rental somewhere in the USA. 

If your state had restrictions or neighboring states did, you may find your travels would be limited to staying in one state. But, even in California, which has super strict restrictions, you could travel within the state. For example, you could pick up in San Francisco and drop off in San Diego (both in California) with a detour to Las Vegas in Nevada to get your gambling fix in, or even to Arizona to see some sights.

For cross-country road trips, our best advice is to book as early as possible for the best prices. Also, some RV Rental companies like El Monte RV Rentals do offer specials frequently on one-way rentals and may even include some free miles and/or a gas allowance. Check out our “One-Way Special Rental Deals” page before booking your trip to see if one of your starting and destination cities is on the list and for the dates you want.

Some suggested Itineraries for RV Vacations:

Depending on the length of time you have available to travel in your RV or ours, you can sketch out a very nice itinerary whether one-way (drop off in a different city from where you picked it up) or with a round trip RV rental.

Cross Country

Travel at your own pace across the US from New York to Los Angeles. Or start in Los Angeles or San Diego and travel across the country going Eas.

West Coast

Start in San Diego and take the scenic California Coast Highway Route 1 to LA, San Jose, or San Francisco. Go to Muir Woods or the other National Parks that are open in California. Check the National Parks pages for current information on open parks.

Another idea is to pick up your RV in Seattle and enjoy the Washington and Oregon coast with all its huge trees and coastal beauty. End your holiday with a few days of relaxing on a beach in California, or return to Seattle to return the RV. This is a very doable one-week trip. 

Take advantage of our RV Rentals in California for attractions, insider info, tips, and more!

East Coast

Pick-up in Florida where you can rent in either Orlando or Miami and make a pilgrimage to the Florida Keys for a really fun adventure. There is excellent, world-class snorkeling in Key Largo at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and you can’t miss the attractions in Key West! Here you can watch sunsets on the docks (socially distanced of course), you can visit Ernest Hemingway’s house and see his unique cats with six toes, and even visit the Little White House that President Truman stayed in on his travels. There is even Florida’s only Presidential Museum there to tour through. Then, on your way back to Miami, you could stay in the Everglades!

Route 66

See America’s oldest ‘Main Street of America”, which stretches from Chicago to LA. Quirky roadside stops and family-owned restaurants & gas stations make this old route a star of small-town America. Please note, however, that many sections of the old Route 66 are closed now and various other roads will take its place. Research the route you want to travel a bit before taking this wonderful trip to iconic America.

The Middle

While the coasts are beautiful, the land-locked states of the USA have a lot to offer for scenery as well. For some excellent road trip itinerary ideas check out the National Park Servicepages for the National Parks you will find in the middle of the U.S.

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