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What Are the Principals of Leave No Trace?

What Are the Principals of Leave No Trace?

Trends in camping in recent years have led to the "leave no trace camping" style. There's even an entire culture built up around the principles of this kind of camping. If it's sparked your curiosity, El Monte RV rentals offer quality instruction in "leave no trace camping" that you should check out.

First Principle: Plan and Prepare

Planning and preparing for most camping situations is the first principle of leaving no trace. When you opt to get an RV rental and head to RV campgrounds, it's easy to leave no trace and minimize your impact on the environment. You are not hindering the forest floor growth with a tent or preventing living things from thriving. You are also providing very safe shelter from all wildlife that might otherwise "invade" your campsite.

Second Principle: Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

With camping in RV campgrounds, you're all set for this second principle. Every campsite at an RV campground is leveled and usually covered in concrete or asphalt. It reduces the potential for getting the RV or motorhome stuck in mud. Additionally, it removes the potential for vehicular fluids to sink into the ground.

Third Principle: Dispose of Waste Properly


This is easy enough to do in a camper because waste can go right into the trash can inside the camper's kitchen. Liquid waste is dumped at a dump station where it is later pumped out and removed by a water treatment truck. Anything you would possibly leave behind tent camping isn't an issue when you camp in an RV. RV information for dump stations and waste disposal is at the check-in office of each campground.

Principles Four and Six: Leave What You Find, Respect Wildlife

These two principles are very closely related. When you see things in nature, it's important to leave them alone. Don't pick rare flowers or touch various plants. Don't get too close to wildlife, or you will wish you didn't. Both animals and plants depend on each other, so it's important to look without touching and leave things alone.


Principles Five and Seven: Minimize Campfires and Be Considerate

With a motorhome rental, you don't need a campfire. All the heat, light, and comfort you need are inside the motorhome. A campfire is just something you do when camping, but you don't have to have one at all when you opt to use a motorhome rental.

 Instead, have a single campfire, maybe once or twice during your entire camping trip if you are camping for a whole week. If you are just renting an RV for a weekend, skip the campfire. Some RV campgrounds don't even have fire pits on the RV sites, but RV information in the check-in office will tell you if that's the case. Finally, be considerate of your camping neighbors and keep quiet hours so they can sleep and enjoy nature too. El Monte RV can help you get started on these practices by renting one of their RVs today.

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