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Responsible Travel Program

At El Monte RV and Road Bear RV, We Travel with Heart. 


What does that mean?  

We are working hard to reduce our impact, focusing on actions to reduce emissions, energy and water saving, removing singe use plastics, reducing waste to landfill and recycling programs in all branches. We encourage all our customers to embrace responsible RV travel.  We are sharing tips and ideas to help our customers understand how to conserve resources and reduce impacts on the environment while on the road.   

So, on your next vacation we encourage you to join us and Travel with Heart! To help protect our precious resources and special places for future generations. 


What can you do to Travel with Heart?


Top 10 Responsible RV Travel Tips 

We encourage all our customer to join us to help conserve resources, reduce impacts on the environment and help protect special places for future generations.  Follow these 10 tips to Travel with Heart. They apply, on the road, at home and anywhere you go!


Read our Travel with Heart blogs! 

Travelling in an RV means the freedom and flexibility to get out and explore amazing places, close to home, or off the beaten track. Your RV provides a perfect way to relax and spend time in nature. 

These informative stories share more ideas and inspiration and highlight some great destinations to visit, like the amazing National Parks . We also share helpful Travel with Heart resources to help you travel responsibly, with tips on everything from recycling to water conservation. 

Check out our One Tank Trips for ideas for great getaways, close to home. Saving on fuel and spend more time enjoying your trip. 


Our Sustainability Journey

We are committed to moving forward on our sustainability journey, we call this our future-fit path. Our branches in the USA have Future-Fit Sustainability Action Plans focused on energy efficiency, water saving, tackling waste, lowering emissions and community contribution. We are making progress by;


  • Measuring, reporting and reducing our carbon emissions. 
  • Tackling waste, focusing on reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Implementing energy and water saving initiatives 
  • Future-Fit Sustainability Action Plans for all our USA branches 
  • Travel with Heart program to encourage customers to embrace responsible RV travel


Successes include;


  • Removing single-use plastic packaging from USA rental kits  
  • Changing our processes and equipment to conserve water has resulted in a >45% reduction in water use across the USA branches since 2019. 
  • Improved recycling programs in all branches to tackle waste to landfill.
  •  At LAX waste to landfill reduced by over 50% in the last 3 years
  •  Installing LED lighting at our branches to reduce our energy use.


To find out more about our sustainability journey visit


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